The Blue Wave Races Across the South

Beto O'Rourke is tied with Cruz in Texas, Phil Bredesen is ten points ahead in TN, and in Arizona the 8th district special election is a dead heat. It's a good day to be a Democrat! 

Okay, yes, I'm a wonky Dem who follows the polls - and, like you, I know that this is an important year to vote. But many many many of our fellow Americans abroad don't realize this. That's why our GOTV team is working hard to try to call every DA member this year. We know that these calls work. In 2016, 88% of the members we reached by phone requested their ballot!

This week's Tiny Action urges our action team to sign up for phone banking and start calling to make sure every member knows that they can and should vote in midtems. Please consider calling - it's free for you, and it's easy to do! 

Next week Chairman Tom Perez will be in London, helping raise money for our Study Abroad Outreach campaign. We're delighted to be fully booked and very grateful to our supporters who have stepped forward to help fund this important work. Interested in more information about the program and how you can help? Check out our Study Abroad campaign doc, or get in touch with our Study Abroad Outreach team leader at [email protected].

The DA Tax team, led by Carmelan Polce, is fighting hard to push back against two tax laws that the 2017 Republican tax bill has inflicted on Americans abroad. As part of that work, we have submitted a statement to the IRS about the hardships these tax laws will cause, are working on a submission to the Senate Finance Committee, and will be door knocking in DC in early May. Repat and GILTI are brutal and will affect the livelihood of many of us. Please help push back by sharing information about our repeal campaign with your friends.