Tonei Glavinic, candidate for Biden delegate

My name is Tonei Glavinic, and I'm a member of DA Mexico City (previously DA Barcelona). Born and raised in Alaska, I've spent most of my life working for social justice, and I plan to fully support Biden while pushing him, his administration, and the party for the progressive changes our country needs and deserves.

I became active in DA relatively recently; I helped run the GPP, am on our GOTV team, and am providing fundraising support while the fundraising chair is on maternity leave. However, I have campaign experience (both candidate- and issue-based) going back to 2003, when I was in middle school!

I was a Warren supporter and voted for Sanders in the primary, but it's time to rally around Biden to get Trump out of the White House so we have a leader who will actually be accountable to the people he's supposed to serve.