International Treasurer - Lissette Wright- Democrats Abroad

Name:                               Lissette Wright

Gender:                            Female

External links:                LinkedIn   




Candidate:                          International Treasurer

Member since:                      2015

Country/Countries:              Canada


I’m a proud Nicaraguan-born American and, thanks to my upbringing in NYC, I place a strong value in the power of diversity, inclusion and unity.  I studied Latin American Literature at Hunter College in NYC, studied abroad at Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata in Argentina, and studied Business Accounting at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. 

I began my Accounting/Finance career at International Planned Parenthood Federation/WHR as fund coordinator for the Endowment Fund for Sustainability, was promoted to grants officer, and thereafter became manager of budgeting and grants. Since 2012 I’ve been working as a Treasurer/Accountant in Ottawa. In 2016 my life changed for the better when I seized the opportunity to serve as DemsAbroad Canada Treasurer.

I’m privileged to have been nominated and endorsed for re-election as International Treasurer of Democrats Abroad.  I’ve accepted my nomination and would be honored to continue serving as your International Treasurer through 2021. 

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Describe your volunteer work with DA and cite your greatest DA accomplishment.

Please read my endorsements.

Why are you running for this office?

I am running for this office again because I want to make a greater contribution to Democrats Abroad worldwide.

How will your skill sets and experience contribute to DA's success?

My accounting and finance expertise in budgeting and grants management make me the perfect candidate to safeguard the treasury, file timely financial reports and manage financial resources effectively and efficiently so the DPCA can plan, advocate and execute progressive global efforts to deliver votes from abroad.

Are there any DA organizational or practical issues (not political goals) that you would like to address should you be elected?

If I am re-elected international Treasurer, I plan improve planning, budgeting and forecasting processes, institute discretionary and non-discretionary budgeting/spending, kana streamline internal financial controls and financial management policies. I plan to improve the information sharing between DPCA Treasury and the DA Global Fundraising Committee.

What are the three pressing political issues that you would work to include in the A 2020 Platform and why?

The three issues that I am most passionate about to include in the DA 2020 Platform are: [1] sexual and reproductive health and rights because every individual no matter their sexual orientation deserves access to SRH services, [2] voting rights because without the right to vote U.S. citizens don’t have a voice, and [3] campaign finance reform because the U.S. urgently needs to remove the money influence from politics and reclaim our Democracy.

How can Democrats Abroad best raise our profile among American voters abroad and better work to elect Democrats?

Democrats Abroad needs to continue leveraging social media by keeping DA members informed and engaging them through Twitter and Facebook. DA can used these and other new platforms to actively recruit new members and redirect them to or


Endorsement from Jody Quinnell

My name is Jody Quinnell, Regional Vice Chair of the Americas for Democrats Abroad and it is an honor to endorse the candidacy of Lissette Wright for reelection as Democrats Abroad International Treasurer.

It has been my pleasure to work with Lissette as a teammate on the International Executive Committee for the last two years. Her professionalism and attention to detail in the financial management of the International Treasury is exemplary.

As International Treasurer, Lissette provides a clear and detailed breakdown of the organization's budget and I am extremely impressed with her keen insight into trends in revenue and disbursements and her ability to identify possible financial concerns well in advance of them becoming serious issues. She takes the long view which is imperative for DA. This view with item by item analysis allows for development of long range financial goals as well as providing the membership full transparency in how funds are allocated by leadership.

Moving forward, Lissette aims to streamline internal financial controls and financial management policies as well as continuing to improve current practice. With these goals in mind, it would be prudent for DA fundraising campaigns to be aligned with the Global Fundraising Committee rather than stay under the purview of the International Treasurer. With all this in mind, Lissette has done a tremendous job in the financial management of Democrats Abroad. We need Lissette Wright as International Treasurer for the next two years. We need her ability and passion; we need her wonderful sense of humor.

Endorsement from Will Bakker, RVC for EMEA, (newly-elected) Treasurer for DA-Luxembourg

It’s a pleasure to work with Lissette as International Treasurer and I endorse her re-election to that position. Lissette's first priority is responsible stewardship of Democrats Abroad's financial state and the entire organization benefits from her commitment to financial propriety and accuracy. Lissette is an enthusiastic and conscientious member of the DPCA ExCom who regularly provides a unique and indispensable perspective beyond financial questions.

Lissette's weekly comprehensive reports keep the ExCom appraised of the bottom-line status of DA's accounts, and they do much more. They include past decisions, budgets, and future commitments; one can frequently find an answer by searching her weekly report, which keeps our meetings focused on substantive issues.

As RVC, I worked with Lissette on complex projects like the EMEA regional meeting in Madrid. Lissette provided prompt support to ensure that the events went forward. When I proposed going outside the bounds of good accounting practices, Lissette patiently explained the importance of those rules.

When we have disagreed, Lissette always responded with great courtesy and even good cheer. Her example has contributed to the overall atmosphere of the ExCom and, by example, improved my own conduct in meetings. That said, she frequently and strongly asserts that we must consider fundraising and budgeting with each major decision.

Lissette made DA's financial operations more transparent and efficient over the past two years. I support her plans to continue these improvements and I value her important role on the ExCom.

Endorsement from Julia Bryan, International Chair DA

Working with Lissette in her role as International Treasurer for DA has been a true pleasure these last two years. 
Lissette's global view of our budget combined with her grasp of detail are invaluable assets as our team stretches our funds as far as possible to maximize their impact on our outreach mission. In the course of her work for DA, she is a project manager, detective, regulator, and of course accountant. She manages our country committee grants program; patiently digs in to every expense, deducing ways for us to save money; keeps us safely in the realm of FEC compliance; and her reports are excellent go to sources of information that ensure the Excom is fully aware of upcoming and past expenses. 
The Excom, while holding refreshingly divergent opinions on matters, is extremely efficient at coming to consensus and making decisions. Lissette's contributions are integral to the process we follow to reach consensus - she remains firm but always polite as she brings her perspective clearly and precisely to the table. 
I wholeheartedly endorse Lissette Wright for International Treasurer of Democrats Abroad. 

Endorsement from Tom Schmid, International Counsel DA

Fellow DPCA members and members of Democrats Abroad,

It is with great pleasure that I write to endorse Lissette Wright for re-election as International Treasurer.  Lissette has been a tremendous asset to the International Executive Committee over the past two years, and our treasury will remain in competent hands under her management through 2021.

As I was Lissette’s predecessor at the position of International Treasurer, she and I worked closely during the handover period. She picked up very quickly on the complicated FEC rules and the reporting process, was never afraid to reach out if she had questions or concerns, and was operating independently in no time.  From the beginning, I found that Lissette is always a pleasure to work with, bringing both professionalism and personal warmth to her interactions with others. 

After settling into her new role, Lissette innovated ways in which to improve financial management.  She was instrumental in professionalizing our accounting practices by transitioning us from bank statements and spreadsheets to professional accounting software.  To facilitate speedy payments and reimbursements and reduce currency-conversion and wire fees, she initiated the practice of using Internet-based payment systems.

In addition to planning for and tracking the finances of the global meetings, Lissette successfully saw us through the 2018 mid-terms by overseeing the FEC reporting process, and she has been instrumental in guiding country committees in the planning and administration of fundraising events.  For these reasons and more, I’m proud to endorse Lissette for Treasurer.


Tom Schmid

International Counsel