Urgent Action for Florida Voters

We need you to take action NOW to make sure that your vote is counted.

On Thursday Nov 15, a Florida judge sided with Democrats and ruled that Florida voters have until 5PM EST this Saturday, November 17, to address any problems with their ballots.

Such problems can include signature mismatch, or missing address information. This affects potentially thousands of FL voters and can swing the results of the US Senate race.

Here's what to do to make sure your ballot counts:

1. Check your ballot status, right now. Even if you checked in the past week, if it did not say “tabulated” or “counted”, you should check it again.

2. If the website for your county says your vote was "tabulated" or "counted" then your vote has been counted. Congratulations, and thank you for voting!

3. If it does NOT say that your vote was "tabulated" or "counted," there is a problem. Call or email your local elections officials TODAY to ask how you can remedy (or “cure”) your ballot.

  • Find your election official’s contact information here: https://www.votefromabroad.org/states/FL
  • Be prepared to provide any information your election officials may ask for.
  • If you call, please follow up with an email to your elections officials documenting your discussion and if you are able to “cure” your ballot.

4. When you have provided any information requested to cure your ballot, please go back to Step 1 and check your ballot status again. It should say "tabulated" or "counted."

5.  If your ballot problem is STILL NOT resolved, we want to know about it. Please email us at [email protected]. Include any screenshots, photos, email correspondence or other information you think may be relevant to your ballot not being counted.

Voting from abroad should not be this difficult. We are fighting for you, and working with stateside voter protection teams, to make sure your vote counts.


To participate in our global survey for overseas voters from every state and district, please go here: http://bit.ly/DASurveyShare. For other comments or questions, please email [email protected].