Veterans Affairs Foreign Medical Program

The Foreign Medical Program (FMP)  is a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care benefits program for U.S. Veterans with VA-rated service-connected disabilities who are residing or traveling abroad. Under FMP, VA assumes payment responsibility for certain health care services necessary for treatment of a service-connected disability or any disability associated with and held to be aggravating a service-connected disability.  Supporting medical documentation is always required.  The two basic steps follow:

  1. Veterans must first enroll/register for the FMP.  This can be accomplished online by filing a registration PDF Form:  VA Form 10-7959-1 (VA Form Mar 2016) Registration Form.

  2. Veterans once enrolled and declared eligible may submit claims by submitting VA Form 10-7959-2 (VA Form 2016) Claim Cover Sheet which explains what information must accompany your claim.  

Explanation: The VA VHA Office of Community Care (VHA CC) in Denver, Colorado administers FMP.  VHA CC is responsible for all aspects of the program including the Veterans’ registration process, verification of eligibility, authorization of benefits, and the processing and payment of claims. All FMP claims and inquiries should be submitted directly to VHA CC.   The Claim Cover Sheet explains what information must accompany your claim.  One has two (2) years to file.  It is suggested that providers prepare bills in English to save processing time.  If that is not possible, translations into English if needed are done by the FMP but will delay payment of claims.

Further information which may be useful:

FMP 24-hour phone contact:  1-877-345-8179.
FMP Email:  [email protected]
FMP website:

Veterans Crisis Line:  1-800-273-8255
General Information:

Note:  Veterans who do not already have a disability rating must visit their VARO (VA Regional Office) which is responsible for establishing service-connected disabilities. For locations, see below.