On a Mission to Leave no Veteran Behind: Robert Vivar

Michael Ramos, chair of the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus, and Michael Lee, member  of the Democrats Abroad Veterans and Military Families Caucus Steering Committee, co-hosted this episode with a special guest located only steps away from the U.S.-Mexico border who's been fighting on behalf of America's deported veterans. While most veterans are just as patriotic as you and I, because they don't have a birth certificate that says the were born on U.S. soil they've been under relentless attack and deported to countries most of them have no knowledge of, no fluency with the language, and no known safe-haven connections. With seemingly no compassion for U.S. veterans despite many of them having shed blood and served in combat missions, they are still taken by the federal government to the border as a final "thank you for your service" goodbye message.

Listen here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/dahispaniccaucus/episodes/2019-09-27T23_34_09-07_00