July Women to Win Candidate Profiles

Our Women to Win series features three women this month: Gretchen Driskell from Michigan’s 7th District, who will be speaking at our Women to Win Forum on July 21st, Hillary Scholten from Michigan’s 3rd District, and Rep. Lauren Underwood from the 14th District in Illinois.


By Jamie McAfee

Gretchen Driskell is running to represent Michigan’s 7th Congressional District. Drawn to public service, Gretchen has shown her commitment to her community through service on the Saline City Council, as the first female and longest-serving mayor of Saline, and as a member of the Michigan House of Representatives. This year Gretchen is challenging Republican incumbent Representative Tim Walberg for his House seat in Washington. She is fighting for affordable healthcare, government transparency, social security and Medicare, bringing green jobs to Michigan, strong and equitable public schools, access to clean water and a safe environment, improved infrastructure, veteran protections, and sustainable agriculture. Gretchen is well positioned to win this flippable district with a boost in voter turnout.

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By Rachel Rappaport

Fellow Michigander Hillary Scholten is challenging newly-independent incumbent Justin Amash to represent Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District. This race presents a prime opportunity for Democrats to expand their majority in Congress and gain traction in a swing state. Hillary is a lawyer who has worked for the Department of Justice, the Michigan Immigrants’ Rights Center, and the Times Up Legal Defense Fund. Having seen firsthand the way policies disproportionately impact disadvantaged communities, Hillary is the candidate to bring a fresh perspective to Washington. She will address the national problems that Michiganders feel daily at home, such as housing shortages and the immigration crisis.

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By Claire Naughton

Meanwhile, in Illinois, Representative Lauren Underwood is running for a second term of serving the 14th District. Lauren embodies the “blue wave” that surged onto the shores of US politics during the 2018 midterm election and is building for another resurgence this year. She is the first woman, POC, and millennial to represent Illinois’ 14th District. In 2018, she out-fundraised her incumbent Republican opponent 2-1 and ultimately defeated him with over 52% of the vote. And with her swearing in, she became the youngest black woman to ever serve in Congress. Lauren initially ran on a platform that focused heavily on protecting the Affordable Care Act and during her freshman term she has done just that. Now she is running for a second term to continue fighting for her constituents and continue her powerful work in Washington.

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