We Will Be Bold - Roe v Wade discussion

Reproductive Rights:  Attorney Salli Swartz Explains How We got Here

The Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus (GWC) has over 5000 members worldwide. As part of its initiatives and support of women’s issues, it has established several action teams one of which is the Reproductive Justice Action Team.

Salli Swartz (former Co-Chair of GWC, current member of the GWC Steering Committee, as well as the former Vice Chair and counsel of Democrats Abroad, France), is a well-known feminist attorney who has practiced International business law in Paris for over 40 years.

While in Paris on February 18, Salli reviewed the history of Roe vs. Wade and other Supreme Court decisions that have chipped away at a women’s right to choose. She underlined the work of conservative judges and how they managed, slowly but surely, to take privacy rights away from women.

Per Salli, the legal situation today, combined with restrictive state laws is dire.  Salli notably described a bill awaiting passage in Ohio that would criminalize abortion (“abortion murder”) and be punishable by long-term imprisonment.

The sober implications of these restrictions, the new conservative Supreme Court, current anti-abortion state laws and the appointment of anti-choice federal judges has throw more light on the importance for women of the 2020 elections.

Click here to watch her presentation. Please note, the audio recording improves after the first 7 minutes. Please continue watching. Salli's message is incredibly important.