September 08, 2021

Why WHPA? Why Now?

What can we do to stop the anti-choice legislation which is getting worse and worse?

We can assure that the Women’s Health Protection Act is enacted.

Nancy Pelosi is bringing it to a vote on Sept 20th in the House and we need your help to call your reps in the House to assure its passage.

Here is the link to the House Representatives:

For more information see

And here is a webinar for more detailed analysis:

Why WHPA? Why Now?

Tuesday, Sept. 14

8pm EST


Join us for a deeper dive into what is the Women's Health Protection Act and how it will help us safeguard the right to abortion by preventing heinous bills like Texas's SB-8 from becoming law. Note: There will be information shared about Texas's SB-8

We need all the help we can get and now is the time to ACT