Women's Caucus

Democrats Abroad affirms the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women around the world, including the right to education, healthcare, legal protection and legal standing before the law, the right to physical and psychological safety, self-determination of reproductive rights and equality of opportunity and remuneration.

Activism in Small, Medium and Large

Opportunities to participate in our caucus are as varied as our members.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" level of involvement.
We also encourage membership by all genders because women's issues impact all of us.
What our individual sections do depends very much on their size and location.

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Statement of Purpose:

The Women's Caucus of Democrats Abroad is committed to fostering and promoting gender-informed perspectives in issues analysis, communication and policy-making and ensuring that issues that impact women and the future of our nation become central to the political debate at all times and in particular during election years and at all levels of governance.  

We will take action to address policies that negatively impact women and their families and so, by implication, the economy and our democracy.

We propose to:

  • Act as disseminators of information  to  Caucus members and Democrats Abroad members at large, and as a catalyst to action on issues which affect American women both in the United States and internationally;
  • Ensure that the women’s perspective is effectively incorporated in all the work of Democrats Abroad, including issues advocacy, communication and GOTV strategy, planning and execution;
  • Stay current and ensure that issues and policies which impact women are discussed in the Caucus and by Democrats Abroad and included in the Democrats Abroad and Democratic Party platforms;
  • Promote Democratic Party candidates committed to policies that positively impact women’s lives;
  • Support Democratic Party candidates who are proposing to improve women’s standings and rights in society at every level, in their election campaigns for State and Federal Government positions and in their appointments to judgeships and high positions in Government offices and agencies;
  • Monitor and, with Democrats Abroad, lobby for or against legislation affecting women directly or indirectly;
  • Inform our communities of injustices against women in areas of civil rights, economic equality, health, and welfare;
  • Engage with other women’s caucuses for the purpose of information sharing, mentoring and maintaining solidarity; and
  • Make our voice heard nationally and internationally with members of women's groups and all groups fighting for justice, equality and the rule of law around the globe

DA Women's Caucus Leadership:

| DAF Vice Chair
| Stuttgart Chapter Chair, Germany; Co-Chair Global Women's Caucus
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  • News

    Democrats Abroad Women's Caucus statement on litmus test

    The Women's Caucus of Democrats Abroad wishes to highlight and reaffirm the statement made in the 2016 Democrats Abroad Platform that unequivocally endorsed :

    " ….the right of women in the U.S. to bear children, practice birth control, and obtain safe, legal abortions regardless of economic, religious or racial status."

    Additionally we want to reiterate that:

    "We believe that a decision to terminate a pregnancy is a private matter outside the scope of government intervention. We further believe that all women should have unfettered, free access to quality information from doctors and others regarding reproductive choices."

    The statements in the 2016 Democrats Abroad platform mirror the 2016 Democratic platform that stated that the Democratic Party believes “unequivocally” that “every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion.”

    Democrats and the politicians who represent us do not have to believe that abortion is right for them or their family, but we urge them to respect and uphold the right of each American woman to make that decision for herself.

    LET’S REMEMBER and RESPECT our Democratic core values: equality, fairness, inclusivity, respect for human rights and dignity of all Americans- which includes the belief that every woman has the right to choose for herself whether or not to have an abortion.


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    Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus: Energy and Persistence in a Time of Need

    By Erin Becker, DA Chile

    The Democrats Abroad Women’s Caucus is expanding its reach, thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers in many countries around the globe. The Caucus is gearing up to make its mark on the lead-up to the 2018 midterm elections. It plans to be a catalyst to action on issues affecting American women, both in the United States and abroad.

    Those interested in joining the Women’s Caucus can contact Caucus leaders Salli Swartz or Ann Hesse at womenscaucus@democratsabroad.org.

    The election of President Trump has seen a dramatic increase in threats to women’s rights. The president’s agenda poses many challenges to women’s health and well-being, such as the re-installment of the so-called Global Gag Rule; attempts to expand the rights of employers to deny contraceptive coverage in their company insurance plans; an uptick in attacks on abortion rights at the state level; and a health care bill that would repeal many of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions benefitting women and their families.

    The Trump administration has also threatened the civil rights of some of the most underserved groups of women, including the withdrawal of Obama-era protections for transgender Americans and increased deportations and attacks on immigrant rights that leave women especially vulnerable.

    Finally, the Republican-controlled government poses a great threat to women’s economic security, with a budget that would cut funding for many programs used by women in poverty––including nutrition aid for women and children––and a renewed indifference to the wage gap women across the United States still face.

    The DA Women’s Caucus recognizes that this is a crucial time for action to defend and bolster women’s rights in the United States. Members are ready to take on these challenges. Ann Hesse, Stuttgart Chapter Chair in Germany and Co-Chair of the Global Women’s Caucus, notes that members across the world have been enthusiastic about increasing their involvement and founding in-country groups advocating for women’s rights.

    For groups just getting started, activities include monthly online meetings and webinars featuring speakers from women’s groups and members of Congress. Medium-sized groups can begin forming their own country chapter of the Caucus, sponsor workshop weekends, and stage events. Finally, countries with well-established chapters can create their own working committees, hold teach-ins and film nights, and invite internationally-known speakers for live events.

    On Inauguration Day, many Caucus members participated in the Women’s March, both in Washington, DC and around the globe. Large Caucus meetups have been held in Norway and Germany. On their own or with country committees, individual members from many different countries have written postcards to Congress and made phone calls advocating for women’s issues. In Latin America, Caucus members are currently working to establish a DA presence in Colombia and Haiti, with other countries to follow. New member Erin Becker has helped spread a pro-woman message outside the Democrats Abroad communication channels, blogging on reproductive rights in both Chile and the United States for Safe Abortion Women’s Right and Ms. Magazine.

    Ann Hesse––the Caucus co-chair living in Germany––believes that Democrats Abroad members should take advantage of their view of the United States from the outside in. Many members have experienced life with the support of feminist policies already working well abroad: affordable healthcare, free education, a social security net, maternity and paternity leave, and more. Democrats Abroad members can use this knowledge and experience to advocate for similar programs in the United States. The Women’s Caucus strongly believes in their responsibility to spread this knowledge to other Americans, and to press the US government to provide these basic, common-sense programs for people back home.

    It’s a challenging time for women’s rights in the United States, but one that Democrats Abroad is facing with energy, dedication, and persistence. Democrats around the world are making their voices heard––and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

    Keep up with the Women’s Caucus at democratsabroad.org/wc_news. For more information or to get involved, contact Caucus Co-Chairs Ann Hesse and Salli Swartz at womenscaucus@democratsabroad.org.

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    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 07:00 PM


    Coming soon to Paris, Munich, Amsterdam and London

    From September 28 to October 8

    On her France 24 television show called 51%, Annette Young recently asked the question about how to get more women into the world of Tech. 

    Democrats Abroad and the Global Women’s Caucus proposes to look more deeply into the subject by inviting a young woman who has made it into the tech world, and better still has worked at the crossroads of technology and politics.  


    Organizer, fundraiser, community builder and tech whiz, 
    who will tell us what Silicon Valley can bring to the sphere of
    Democratic politics.  

    29-year old Liz Jaff, formerly in the Obama White House, ran for a Vice-Chair seat in the last 2017 Democratic National Committee election in Atlanta.  She didn’t win, but she is today part of the transition team in Washington to put together a new technology team within the DNC, the new frontier for the Democratic Party. 

    Women like Liz are “resetting the tech button,” to quote Annette Young. 

    Watch for news from your Country Committees for specific dates, locations and times for Liz's
    Munich, Amsterdam and London events.
    These events will also be made accessible to our members online via WebEx!

    Saturday, September 30, 2017 at 06:00 PM · €25.00 EUR · 18 rsvps
    Georgenhof in Munich, Germany

    Liz Jaff in Munich!

    Join Democrats Abroad Germany for an evening in Munich with Liz Jaff, member of the transition team of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Liz will be making a stop in Munich during her trip to Europe. Democrats Abroad and the Global Women’s Caucus are helping to organize a series of events, which feature Liz, that look more deeply into the subject of how to get more women involved in tech.

    The Munich Chapter and Democrats Abroad Germany is thrilled to be a part of these events and to have Liz speak at a dinner the evening before our 9th Annual Oktoberfest celebration. Dinner will be at 6pm on Saturday, September 30th. Tickets are offered at 25€ and 80€ donations.

    More information about Liz:

    Liz Jaff is currently a member of the transition team of the DNC, which is responsible for “providing concrete suggestions and advice on building a Party that reaches into and represents every corner of America.” As a member of this team, she is working on putting together a new technology team within the DNC to help update democrats.org, and create the necessary online tools for activists and for those that want to be involved.

    Liz was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. She returned to the States in 2007 to work on the Obama campaign. Her first job in politics was working on the core organizing team for Obama in 2008 and in 2012, she was the Ohio Deputy GOTV Director. Between 2008 and 2012, she worked for the Obama administration, the Department of Commerce, and at USAID.

    For two years, Liz worked on Capitol Hill and went on to run and win John Delaney’s re-election campaign for Maryland’s sixth Congressional district in 2014. After this successful campaign, she became the Head of Campaigns for the political crowdfunding start-up,Crowdpac Inc., which works at the crossroads of technology and politics, and encourages more state and local candidate to run for office. During her time at Crowdpac, she worked with over 200 small grassroots campaigns and 100 candidates to help them run for office, find new donors, engage new activists, and promote their stories.

    Prior to joining the DNC transition team, Liz ran for Vice Chair in the most recent DNC elections. Despite the loss, she continues to be an important voice in the DNC and we are honored to be able to welcome her to Germany to speak to our members about what the tech world and Silicon Valley can bring to the sphere of Democratic progressive politics.

    Donation Amounts:

    25€ - Nice dinner and socializing with Democratic Party Committee Abroad leadership, keynoted with address from Liz Jaff!
    80€- Nice dinner and socializing with Democratic Party Committee Abroad leadership, keynoted with address from Liz Jaff and a seat at the table with Liz herself!
    Payment can be made to:
    Democrats Abroad Germany
    IBAN DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99
    Ref: JAFF