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  • Writing to your Governor Doesn’t Have to be Imaginary

    An imaginary letter my sister writes to Governors Ron De Santis, Florida; Brian Kemp, Georgia;  John Bel Edwards, Louisiana;  Tate Reeves, Mississippi;  Greg Abbott, Texas:

    Dear Governor De Santis, etc.

    I wonder if you can imagine yourself pregnant.  I don't know, look down at your stomach and imagine it pregnant.  Maybe you feel a little nauseous in the mornings, and then a lot nauseous during the day for a couple of weeks, maybe more.  Maybe your back hurts.  Maybe your feet.  Can you imagine this for 9 months?

    You can't button your pants any more, and you certainly can't afford to buy new ones, especially since they'll only be needed at that size for 9 months.

    Of course you still have to go to work.  Maybe you have a child or two.  Money is tight already, but you can't get an abortion because it's against the law, and no one will help you because that's also against the law.

    So you have the baby. Where is the well-baby clinic? and is it free?  What will you do with the baby when you go to work?  Is there affordable day care nearby? Can you take her with you?  

    Where is the outcry to feed and care for the born child as loud as that for the unborn?

    You're still working, and paying taxes to a state that won't allow you to have autonomy over your own body and your own life.

    Dear Governor, Can you imagine yourself in this situation?  Please use your good sense, and support Roe v Wade and the humane solution to this debate.



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