Democrats Abroad is the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of US citizens living outside the United States. Our goals are to mobilize the overseas vote to elect Democratic candidates and help Americans abroad amplify the issues that matter to them.

Democrats Abroad is better equipped than any organization in the world to help citizens around the world engage in the US political process. In 2020, we will work to reach as many US citizens as possible, in as many ways as possible, to ensure that they have opportunities to stay engaged in the United States political process and presidential election.

As an official "state" party recognized by the Democratic National Committee, we:

  1. Run an official Democratic presidential primary.
    The Global Presidential Primary will take place March 3-10 2020, when Democrats living outside the US can cast their vote for the party’s presidential nominee.
  2. Help select the Democratic presidential nominee.
    We send a delegation to each Democratic National Convention to represent Democrats Abroad primary voters and help decide the national party’s nominee for president.
  3. Represent citizens abroad at all meetings of the DNC.
    Democrats Abroad elects 8 members to represent us at the Democratic National Committee and in all DNC meetings.
  4. Are the only official US political party of American citizens abroad (the Republican Party does not have an equivalent organization of this status).

With 9 million US citizens living overseas (and about 7 million eligible to vote), citizens living abroad make up a larger population than all but 11 US states. And since the 2016 presidential election was decided by less than 80,000 votes, there is a very real possibility that the overseas vote could decide the 2020 US presidential election. 

No matter how long a citizen has lived abroad, they still have a right to vote in national elections. However, many do not. The most common factor for why US citizens abroad don’t vote is that they have limited opportunities to learn about their right to vote and the requirements for casting their ballot.

Simply by learning that they can vote makes a US citizen
living abroad dramatically more likely to do so.

Press Requests

In person, phone, or on-camera interviews are available upon request. Democrats Abroad leaders around the world possess a wealth of knowledge on key issues facing citizens abroad and the elections process. To reach any of these individuals, please visit and select your location under “Countries.”

For global enquiries, please contact [email protected]

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