DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

In 2016, I learned about DA from a Facebook ad and joined. After Trump’s election, I became active in my Wiesbaden-Mainz Chapter and subsequently DA Germany then Global. I am honored that my endeavors were recognized by the 2020 Power List: Black Women in Europe™ blog and 2017 DAG Volunteer of the Year. Having served two terms as Germany Communications Coordinator I reached the term limit and want to continue serving as a DPCA Representative.

I am honored to be associated with so many smart, dedicated people that inspire me to work harder, be better and contribute to Democratic success; we won the presidency, have a Democratic majority in congress and I am proud of my contribution.

Leadership and Elected Positions

  • Elected DAG Communications Coordinator in 2017 and 2019
  • Appointed Global Black Caucus (GBC) Chair since October 2017
  • Global Women's Caucus steering committee since October 2017 and the Global Communications Team (2017-2018)
  • Elected Sanders Presidential Preference Group (PPG) chair and DPCA Rep in 2020
  • Appointed to the Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee in 2020

Organization Building

  • In 2017 gathered a formation committee, we created a charter and the GBC was born! • Encourage and work with countries to start country committees
  • Helped launch the Mannheim Precinct and traveled there, as well as Braunschweig for their first Precinct meeting GOTV; promote DA and provided information on voting, candidates, and issues
  • GOTV stands and public speeches to US overseas organizations
  • Hosted events on multiple digital platforms

Participation and support

  • Tokyo and Washington Global, Madrid and Athens EMEA, and DAG annual meetings since 2017 (except 2018 when ill)
  • Participated in Germany pride events
  • Zoom expert providing team assistance

Your vote will enable me to continue contributing to Democratic success in 2022 and 2024; learn more at angelafobbs.rocks

Endorsement of Angela Fobbs by Adrianne George
Endorsement of Angela Fobbs by Vivienne Hayes-Hobelsberger
Endorsement of Angela Fobbs by Teresa Ritterhoff