DE 2021 Elections

DA Germany 2021 Elections


DA Germany holds elections for new officers in the first quarter of every odd-number year. This includes positions at the local chapter level and the Germany national level.

This year, all chapter and national elections will be held during online meetings. You must attend the meeting to be able to vote.

All local chapter elections are held before the national elections.

Below, you will find an overview of the chapter elections as well as an overview of the national elections.


Chapter Elections

The election rules are defined in the DA Germany Bylaws and the DA Germany Chapter Election Rules. Chapter-level elections are facilitated by a neutral, five-member Chapter Elections and Nominations Committee (CNEC). No members of the CNEC are seeking chapter-level office themselves. 

Chapter Positions

Each chapter elects a chapter chair for a two-year term. Each chapter decides which additional positions to elect. The potential positions are Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Coordinator, GOTV Coordinator, Phonebanking Coordinator, and Press Coordinator. Click here to read the chapter job descriptions.

Chapter Elections

Information about each chapter election can be found on the chapter's 2021 election page. This includes:

  • Date and time of election
  • Link to RSVP for the election meeting
  • List of elected positions
  • Nomination deadline and link to nomination form
  • List of candidates

Here are the links to each chapter's election page:

Chapter Election Q&A Sessions

We will be hosting some online information sessions where you can ask about the election positions, election rules, chapter information or other related DA questions. Please RSVP to receive the link to the session. All times are CET. 

Thursday March 4, 6PM-8PM - RSVP here

If you have any questions, please send to the 2021 Chapter Nominations and Elections Committee at [email protected]

National Elections

National elections will be held online during the 2021 DA Germany Annual General Meeting on March 20, 2021, from 2:00-6:00pm. 

In order to vote, an elector must both be a DA Germany member and have RSVPed at the AGM event link by 12:00 pm CET on March 20, 2021. A member without internet service can call +49 160 528 6900 and the NES will RSVP for them. You must be present to vote.

National Election Rules & Procedures

The election rules are defined in the DA Germany Bylaws and the DA Germany National Election Rules. National-level elections are facilitated by a neutral, three-member Nominations and Election Subcommittee (NES) of the DA Germany ExCom. No members of the NES are seeking national-level office themselves. 

National Positions

The following national positions will be elected for two-year terms at the AGM in the following order:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chapter Development Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Events & Fundraising Coordinator
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator
  • Membership & IT Coordinator
  • Press Coordinator
  • 13 DPCA Voting Representatives

See Job Descriptions for all positions here.

Candidates as of March 6

Candidates for Chair:
  Kenton Barnes (m)

Candidates for Vice Chair:
  Emily Lines (f)

Candidates for Secretary:
  Jennifer Von Estorff

Candidates for Treasurer:
  Ron Schlundt
  Powen Shiah

Candidates for Chapter Development:
  Matt LeMieux
  Micayla Smith

Candidates for Communications Coordinator:
  Kaitlyn Kennedy

Candidates for Events & Fundraising Coordinator:
  Philip J Cenedella IV
  Courtney Newman

Candidates for GOTV Coordinator:
  Teresa Ritterhoff

Candidates for Membership/IT Coordinator:
 Shari Temple

Candidates for Press Coordinator:
  Anya Leonhard

Candidates for DPCA Voting Reps:
  Sasha Arrington (f)
  Vincienzo Cabrera (m)
  Constance Chucholowski (f)
  Aileen Dinin (f)
  Angela Fobbs (f)
  Antar Rashiq Keith (m)
  Candice Kerestan (f)
  Pat Klipp (f)
  Matt LeMieux (m)
  Anya Leonhard (f)
  Sarah Elizabeth Melton (f)
  Sarah Mulloy (f)
  Courtney Newman (f)
  Diego Rivas (m)
  Terese Sarno (f)
  Robert V. Scott (m)
  Powen Shiah (m)
  Micayla Smith (f)
  Shari Temple (f)
  Jennifer Von Estorff (f)
  Quaide Williams (m)





DA rules state that our Chair and Vice Chair must be different genders, and no gender can make up more than half plus one of the full delegation of DPCA Voting Reps. We've asked candidates their gender and have included it for candidates for the relevant positions: (m) male, (f) female, (n) non-binary.

You can see Candidate Statements and Endorsements on our National Candidates page.

National Election Q&A Sessions

3 Q&A sessions have been held. If you're interested in running and have questions, please contact the Nominations and Elections Subcommittee at [email protected] 


  • Nominations were submitted to the NES online until March 6. Currently no more nominations will be accepted online or posted, but nominations and self-nominations can be made from the floor at the election on March 20. We will ask for nominations from the floor as we begin each race.
  • Candidate Statements and Endorsements were also submitted online through March 6. We are no longer accepting statements or endorsements. You can see those received by the deadline on the National Candidates page.


The NES will host 2 online meetings where voters can Meet the Candidates. Each candidate who attends will have time to speak, and we'll have time for voters to ask questions. RSVP here to get meeting links:

Candidates are also invited to attend chapter events where they may introduce themselves or speak, as the host allows. The following event hosts plan to offer this opportunity to all candidates who attend:

Please RSVP if you'd like to speak, and please also let the NES know, at [email protected]