DAG 2021 Candidates for National Positions

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Chair Chapter Development Coordinator Membership/IT Coordinator 
Vice Chair Communications Coordinator Press Coordinator
Secretary Events & Fundraising Coordinator  DPCA Voting Representative (we will elect 13)
Treasurer Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator  

Please note that DA rules state that our Chair and Vice Chair must be different genders, and no gender can make up more than half plus one of the full delegation of DPCA Voting Reps. We've asked candidates their gender and have posted it for candidates for the relevant positions: (M) male, (F) female, (N) non-binary.

The list of nominations received by March 6 is also posted on the DAG Election webpage. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the election.

Join us to elect our leaders on Saturday, March 20 on Zoom at our 2021 DA Germany Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections. You must be a member of Democrats Abroad Germany and RSVP Here by noon on the day of the event to attend and to vote. See more info about eligibility and other details on the DAG Election webpage.

Sasha Arrington

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

My name is Sasha Arrington. I vote in California and live in the greater Stuttgart area. I was born and raised a military brat, giving me the opportunity to live in many different places. This opened my eyes to other cultures and perspectives. Some of the things I feel passionate about were passed on to me by my grandparents. They helped POC learn to read and write in the early 20th century, in order to pass “literacy tests“ at the polling stations. Today, 100 years later, Americans are still facing hurtles to vote. One of my goals as your DPCA Voting Representative and Stuttgart Chair is to continue the DAG effort in helping as many people as possible in the voting process. I enjoyed the phone calls, zoom chats and personal meetings with hundreds of people whom I was able to assist during the presidential election cycle and Senate runoffs. In addition to our GOTV effort, I am also passionate about racial justice and health care for all. As your representative I will fight for a better future for our children. The voices of Americans need to be heard! Due to COVID all DA meetings and activities have been held online, which has enabled me to work closely with colleagues not just from other chapters, but from other countries as well. Thus we have a rich pool of people, backgrounds, talents and experience to fall back on. I would be happy for your vote and look forward to what lies ahead!

Endorsement of Sasha Arrington by Teresa Ritterhoff

Kenton Barnes

DAG Chair Candidate

Gender: (M)

Dear Members of Democrats Abroad – Germany:

I am Kenton E. Barnes and would like to be Chair of Democrats Abroad – Germany. At a young age I was instilled with a sense of political duty. Even though I was born in the North, my right to vote was secured through the Voting Rights Act of 1965, fought for by thousands of people. Being exposed to the legacy of these activists cemented my interest the politics.

After coming to Germany in 2002, I saw the USA differently, which reinforced my desire to be involved in the political process. I became a member of Democrats Abroad, but because there was no chapter close to me, I was a member in name only. Not until Trump was elected did I felt compelled to become active. I contacted Democrats Abroad and asked what I could do, and was told to start a precinct. In 2017, I helped found the Braunschweig Precinct. I also became Chair of the Germany LGBTQ+ Caucus, seeking to help chapters at CSD festivals find Americans to inform them of their right to vote. I have also experienced DA at the Global level, attending meetings in Barcelona and Tokyo. In 2019, I was elected Vice-Chair working closely with DA leadership to engage more Americans in the political process.

If elected, I will continue to build on the strong foundations that have been laid in communications, voter outreach and education, and chapter and caucus development. Even though we have been instrumental in electing Democrats in the past two cycles, we cannot rest on our laurels. We must turn our attention to the States and other down-ballot races and elect democrats who will enact legislation that will benefit all Americans. It has been a pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Endorsement of Kenton Barnes by Katie Von Holzen
Endorsement of Kenton Barnes by Christian Gross
Endorsement of Kenton Barnes by Angela Fobbs

Vincienzo Cabrera

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (M)

My name is Vinnie Cabrera. I’m a New Jersey voter, and I’m running to become one of the DPCA Voting Representatives for Germany. I’ve lived in Germany for four years, having moved to Hamburg two weeks after Trump’s inauguration. As an immigrant and naturalized US citizen, a person of color, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I wanted to do all I could to help stop the destructive policies that were hurting everyday people and disproportionately affecting vulnerable communities. That’s why one of the first things I did when I got here was join Democrats Abroad.

I started out as an active member of the Hamburg chapter, volunteering and helping to organize local events, and in 2019, I was elected as Chapter Chair. I’m proud of the work our volunteers and I have done to grow our membership, get out the vote in Northern Germany, and help take back the White House. In addition to working within my chapter, I’ve worked with other leaders on various projects as part of the DAG Executive Committee. For example, I’m a graphic designer by profession, and I was able to use my skills to design the postal mailers that went out to every member of DA Germany in 2020, advertising our Global Presidential Primary and mobilizing our members to submit their ballots on time. And at the end of last year, I was nominated and elected to the Chapter Nominations and Elections Committee (CNEC), helping to run the elections of Germany’s 14 chapters, providing guidance, and answering questions from potential candidates for chapter leadership.

Should I be elected as a Voting Rep, I will work to continue the success of our organization. It would be an honor to serve in this role, and I would very much appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Constance Chucholowski

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

Hi Fellow Democrats Abroad Germany Members! I’m Constance. I'm running to become a DPCA voting representative for our Germany Chapter. I’ve been a member of DA since I moved to Germany in 2014. I’ve been a staunch Democrat and supported political campaigns in a policy and organizing capacity at home and from abroad for much longer. Last month, I was elected Chair of the DA Berlin Chapter. With a fantastic team and the 5000+ strong membership in Berlin, I look forward to creating more touch-points to our DA in Berlin and increasing our membership’s engagement in DA and DA Berlin activities. Previously, I acted as a Kiez Captain, working with a small team of DA volunteers to reach as many voters for registration and voter support as possible through locally organized GOTV events and organizing phone-banking events to kick-start voter registration at the start of 2020. I have a passion for organizing and am convinced that empowering and educating voters is the key to ensuring progressive policy changes in the United States. I have a strong understanding of and dedicated experience in policymaking and political strategy and campaigning both in Germany and back home. I would like to apply this knowledge to further increase DA Germany’s visibility and participation in policy-shaping at the DA international level. As a DPCA voting representative, I would like to represent our largest DA Germany Chapter’s voice at the international level and support our national chapter in transporting the strong ideas developed by our local and national chapters to DA as a whole. I would be honored to represent Democrats Abroad Germany as a DPCA voting representative and would appreciate your vote. Thank you for your consideration! Please reach out if you have any questions: [email protected] 

Endorsement of Constance Chucholowski by Emily Lines
Endorsement of Constance Chucholowski by Neveille Quaide Williams

Aileen Dinin

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

Hi all! I am Aileen Dinin, the newly re-elected Düsseldorf-Ruhr chapter chair, and I am running for DPCA Voting Representative. I became the Ruhr precinct captain in the former NRW Chapter in 2017. When the NRW Chapter was split up, I was then promoted to chapter chair of the new Düsseldorf-Ruhr chapter in 2018 and elected in our first Chapter Annual General Meeting in 2019. I’ve worn many hats in our chapter as we built it, and so I have experience as a press surrogate, get out the vote coordinator and local event organizer.

Since forming the Düsseldorf-Ruhr chapter, we have roughly doubled our membership to our current total of 684 members. We had three Global Presidential Primary sites in 2020, allowing 92 members to vote in person. The incredible Global Presidential Primary turnout that we had here overall in Germany also gave me the opportunity to be an elector and help choose our Democrats Abroad delegates for the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

In the run-up to the November election I was proud to represent Democrats Abroad in our local and regional media. I was involved in planning and execution of our Democrats Abroad Germany election Zoom marathon, waking up early on November 4th to watch the election returns come in with Democrats Abroad members across Germany. I also helped plan and execute online events in response to the Capitol Riots on Jan 6.

On a personal level, I have lived in Essen since 2015 with my husband (also a Dems Abroad member). I grew up in New York, but vote in Texas. In my day job, I am a project manager at Aldi Nord, where I use my online meeting skills honed at Democrats Abroad to manage online trainings. 

Endorsement of Aileen Dinin by Powen Shiah

Angela Fobbs

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

In 2016, I learned about DA from a Facebook ad and joined. After Trump’s election, I became active in my Wiesbaden-Mainz Chapter and subsequently DA Germany then Global. I am honored that my endeavors were recognized by the 2020 Power List: Black Women in Europe™ blog and 2017 DAG Volunteer of the Year. Having served two terms as Germany Communications Coordinator I reached the term limit and want to continue serving as a DPCA Representative.

I am honored to be associated with so many smart, dedicated people that inspire me to work harder, be better and contribute to Democratic success; we won the presidency, have a Democratic majority in congress and I am proud of my contribution.

Leadership and Elected Positions

  • Elected DAG Communications Coordinator in 2017 and 2019
  • Appointed Global Black Caucus (GBC) Chair since October 2017
  • Global Women's Caucus steering committee since October 2017 and the Global Communications Team (2017-2018)
  • Elected Sanders Presidential Preference Group (PPG) chair and DPCA Rep in 2020
  • Appointed to the Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee in 2020

Organization Building

  • In 2017 gathered a formation committee, we created a charter and the GBC was born! • Encourage and work with countries to start country committees
  • Helped launch the Mannheim Precinct and traveled there, as well as Braunschweig for their first Precinct meeting GOTV; promote DA and provided information on voting, candidates, and issues
  • GOTV stands and public speeches to US overseas organizations
  • Hosted events on multiple digital platforms

Participation and support

  • Tokyo and Washington Global, Madrid and Athens EMEA, and DAG annual meetings since 2017 (except 2018 when ill)
  • Participated in Germany pride events
  • Zoom expert providing team assistance

Your vote will enable me to continue contributing to Democratic success in 2022 and 2024; learn more at angelafobbs.rocks

Endorsement of Angela Fobbs by Adrianne George
Endorsement of Angela Fobbs by Vivienne Hayes-Hobelsberger
Endorsement of Angela Fobbs by Teresa Ritterhoff

Antar Rashiq Keith

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (M)

Born to a working-class family in the Bronx, New York, I gained firsthand knowledge of political disenfranchisement in America. This consciousness was molded by a family with strong ties to human-rights advocacy. My mother was a social worker in Sing Sing prison, providing counseling to the incarcerated. My father, William “Bill” Keith, was a poet, teacher, Civil-Rights activist, and ally of Malcolm X, as well as a Black Arts Movement avant-garde artist. He was also a two-time victim of predatory policing and mass incarceration. Their story inspired a keen understanding that those with the greatest proximity to pain should be closest to power.

DPCA Voting Representatives require not only knowledge of how highly-motivated voters operate, but how quickly historically disenfranchised and politically unengaged Americans can slide into disillusionment. With ever-closer margins for Democratic gains within minority groups, communicating the needs of active voters, potential voters, and voters-of-color has never been more vital.

As the Vice Chair of DA Saxony, I helped coordinate and run GOTV drives throughout eastern Germany and participated in various phone-banking operations.  I ran as a DNC member in 2020. After George Floyd’s slaughter, I was a keynote speaker in one of the largest BLM protests in Germany. I held talks on U.S. Reparations for the Global Black Caucus and various DAG chapters. Furthermore, I regularly lead chapter discussions on current events and how they affect Americans abroad. Finally, I have co-chaired talks on DA, U.S. electoral politics, and street-level activism to various educational and cultural institutions. 

My vision going forward is to encourage greater inclusion by ensuring DA is more representative of its constituents. This is essential not only for solidifying Democratic gains in the 2022 midterm elections, but also for creating a more robust position to advocate for the needs of DAG’s voters globally.

Endorsement of Antar Keith by Kaitlyn Kennedy
Endorsement of Antar Keith by Neveille Quaide Williams
Endorsement of Antar Keith by Dr. Kenton E. Barnes

Kaitlyn Kennedy

DAG Communications Coordinator Candidate

Originally from Houston, Texas, I have lived in Germany since 2015. I initially became involved with Democrats Abroad as a member of the Münster-Osnabrück chapter. I appreciated the relationships I formed through DA and the ability to engage voters abroad in the American political process. While still residing in Osnabrück, I fell in love with Leipzig—my hometown’s sister city. When DA leaders discussed running 2020 primary voting centers, I volunteered to manage one in Leipzig. Using various forms of verbal and written communication, I successfully generated interest among Americans in a previously underrepresented region. I became Leipzig-Halle Precinct Captain, traveling across the country multiple times per month to lead meetings before I finally moved last March. We capitalized on the election-season motivation to form the newest DAG chapter. I have acted as Chapter Chair since DA Saxony’s inception and was officially elected in February. Witnessing the amazing work that goes on at the national level has inspired me to pursue a more active role in the DAG team. I feel particularly drawn to the position of Communications Coordinator because writing is a true passion of mine. In Osnabrück, I worked at the university’s English Writing Center leading academic writing workshops and consultations. I am currently employed as an editor for a U.S. news outlet, where I am honing my skills in different styles of writing and social media outreach. As a new publication, we are very focused on developing strategies to build our audience and grow our followers. I also have extensive experience in coordinating teams through DA and as a lacrosse coach for the Polish National Women’s Team. These communication and leadership abilities are skills I will translate to DAG to help reach the tens of thousands of U.S. voters in Germany.

Endorsement of Kaitlyn Kennedy by Matt LeMieux
Endorsement of Kaitlyn Kennedy by Antar Keith

Candice Kerestan

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

The Democrats Abroad (DA) Germany DPCA Voting Representative position demands not only a thorough understanding of the goals and workings of DA Germany, but also a willingness to advocate on our country’s behalf. In this position, it’s critical to have an appetite to learn, exchange, and negotiate with a larger, global DA audience – all while bearing in mind the wants and needs within our own borders. Only then can we leverage our power to effect desired change within DA and the Democratic Party. As the outgoing DA Germany Chair, it has been my honor to lead our DPCA Voting Representative delegation for the past two years and do just this. Under my leadership, we were able to pass progressive resolutions, elect a Democratic National Committee member from Germany, and send three dynamic Sanders delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention – the most of any country. Our success on the global stage has come from a shared commitment to work, listen, and, most importantly, unite. If we’re going to win in 2022 and beyond, our Party needs this vision and cohesive approach taken by DA Germany during my tenure. For this reason, I have decided to seek election as DA International Chair at the DA Global Meeting in May 2021. The first step to elevating our approach globally starts with our DPCA Voting Representatives, as they’re responsible for electing DA International Officers. This is why I am asking for your vote today as DPCA Voting Representative, and subsequently your support in my bid for DA International Chair. I am grateful for your consideration, and I look forward to continuing our work together. A full list of past and present DA Germany leaders, as well as DPCA Voting Representative candidates who support my candidacy can be found here.


Pat Klipp

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

I’m a singer and entertainer, hailing from Alabama and living in Frankfurt since 1986. In 2008, after touring Europe for many years, I decided to get more actively involved with the Frankfurt Chapter and began volunteering more of my time. I went to work and quickly became an active, dedicated member. In 2010 I was appointed Vice Chair of the Frankfurt Chapter by Chapter Chair Karsten Hirsch, and in 2011 I became Acting Chair when Karsten had to resign. I was elected to my first term as Frankfurt Chapter Chair in 2014. During my tenure as Frankfurt Chapter Chair, my team worked hard to increase fundraising and membership numbers. We used that extra money for GOTV booths at: Frankfurt Main Uferfest, Romerburg Frankfurt, 3 CSD “Pride” events, the American Consulate, as well as at 4 New Comers Festivals. I also led the chapter in a new phonebanking push, and organized our participation in the women’s march in Frankfurt, where I spoke and sang at the event. I also arranged and led a march ‘On Bended Knee’ to support Colin Kaepernick. My work for DA was not restricted to the local level. In 2015, at a time when the issue was not receiving any attention, I wrote a resolution about ongoing police brutality against African Americans titled “RESOLUTION FOR JUSTICE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT” which was adopted at the DA Global Meeting – unanimously. At the 2016 DA Global Convention in Berlin I was an elector who helped choose DA’s delegates to the DNC National Convention and our DNC members to represent DA in DC. My dedication to and support for the Democratic Party is a part of my beliefs – it’s in my bones – and I humbly ask for your vote to be one of DAG’s DPCA Voting Representatives.

Endorsement of Pat Klipp by Donald Ridgeway
Endorsement of Pat Klipp by Martin Washington
Endorsement of Pat Klipp by Quaide Williams

Matt LeMieux

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (M)

For the past five years, I have been an active member of DA Germany at both the local and national level. Locally, my involvement began when I co-founded the Münster precinct, which at its inception was part of the NRW chapter. The precinct eventually was elevated to a chapter, and I was selected by our new local group to be its first chair. This has led to my increased involvement at the national DAG level, primarily as a member of the DAG Executive Committee and an active organizer of local DAG phonebanking campaigns. During this past election cycle, I also became indirectly active at the international level when I was asked to join the VoteFromAbroad Voter Help Desk. This allowed me to interact with and assist hundreds of Americans worldwide with their ballot requests. I am not sure whether these experiences make me somehow uniquely qualified to represent DAG at the international level, but I am sure that they will allow me to cast informed votes that are in the best interest of all DAG levels and Democrats Abroad in general.

DAG Chapter Development Coordinator Candidate

Five years ago, I helped establish the Münster precinct, which a few years later blossomed into the Münster/Osnabrück chapter. I have served as both a precinct captain and chapter chair, and in these roles I helped cultivate a core group of committed volunteers. In running for this position, my main objective is to organize a support structure our local leaders can use to successfully meet the challenges and demands that come with being active in a volunteer organization. To quickly integrate our new leaders into our ever growing DA family, I will establish a mentoring program where they are paired with an experienced leader in a similarly sized chapter or precinct. In addition to facilitating communication between chapters and precincts, I will actively identify effective chapter/precinct level practices and successful event ideas, and then repackage these into something that can be easily implemented in other chapters/precincts. To this end, I will create a clearinghouse of ready to go event/meeting ideas, as well as best practices. Finally, as the Chapter Development person I will take it upon myself to pinpoint and, with help of our ExecComm team, fulfill leadership training needs. My experience of being a new leader at both the precinct and chapter level has given me ample time to consider ideas about what local leaders need to assist them with their already challenging and often demanding tasks. I now would enjoy having the opportunity to put some of those ideas into practice. 

Anya Leonhard

DAG Press Coordinator Candidate

Hi everyone! I’m Anya. I have lived in Leipzig since 2016 and have been active in Democrats Abroad since the founding of what is now DA Saxony in 2019. I am Press Coordinator for our chapter, a Steering Committee member of the Asian-American Pacific Islander Caucus, and was a pledged delegate to Senator Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. Through my roles as Saxony Press Coordinator and delegate, I have represented Democrats Abroad in print, radio, and television formats, and have cultivated relationships with several German reporters and editors. During the election, I supported our national press team by writing and translating talking points for various media appearances. As Press Coordinator, I will create a team to represent our diversity, and support our chapters and caucuses in finding and preparing representatives. I also plan to collaborate with other working groups to figure out an effective strategy for drawing attention to our activities, as well as to continue archiving our press work. My experiences in the AAPI Caucus and as a delegate have prepared me to work with a team. As part of the Young Delegates Coalition, I initiated a proposal to the Unity Reform Committee, leading to the inclusion of young delegates’ priorities in the Unity Reform report. In addition to these experiences, I also led social justice initiatives in Leipzig, and currently co-lead the BIPoC University Group. In all of these endeavors, I strive to be goal-oriented, while still engaging in healthy self-reflection. I hope to bring these experiences to the role of Press Coordinator. If you have any questions or would just like to chat, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] If you would like to learn more about me or view press appearances, please visit my blog at anyaatthednc.wordpress.com. Thank you!

Endorsement of Anya Leonhard by Beverly Seebach
Endorsement of Anya Leonhard by Aileen Dinin

DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

Hi everyone! I’m Anya. I grew up in Chicago and New Orleans and have lived in Leipzig since 2016. I am Press Coordinator of DA Saxony, a Steering Committee member of the Asian-American Pacific Islander Caucus, and was a pledged Global delegate to Senator Sanders at the Democratic National Convention. I am running for the DPCA because I believe my positions in the AAPI Caucus and as a delegate have provided me with a strong foundation to be able to advocate for Democrats Abroad Germany at an international level. I spoke with people all over the world on our delegation calls and during AAPI Caucus meetings, joined forces with other states to push for a more progressive party, and contributed language to the 2020 Platform with the help of the Young Delegates Coalition. These experiences showed me the importance of effective messaging, clear goals, and networking through coalition-building, which are vital skills in the position of DPCA Representative. I am very proud of the work I have done with Democrats Abroad Germany. We have created a diverse team of leadership and volunteers, with lively discussions and innovative outreach in our communities. I have been welcomed with open arms by country committee leadership, allowing me to engage with my political and American identity as never before. I believe it is important to showcase Democrats Abroad Germany’s culture of progressivism and passion to the international organization, and would be honored to do so through this position. If you have any questions or would just like to chat, don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] If you would like to learn more about me and my experience, feel free to visit my blog at anyaatthednc.wordpress.com. Thank you for your consideration! 

Endorsement of Anya Leonhard by Diego Rivas
Endorsement of Anya Leonhard by Powen Shiah
Endorsement of Anya Leonhard by Cory Lemke

Emily Lines

DAG Vice Chair Candidate

Gender: (F)

As an active member in Democrats Abroad (DA) since Spring 2016, I have held various leadership positions since 2017. This has included Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG) Events & Fundraising Coordinator, DPCA Voting Representative, Vice-Chair of the Berlin Chapter, and Co-Chair of the Global Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus. These past four years have been very busy (and sometimes exhausting), but an exciting time for DA and I have enjoyed seeing how much this organization has grown and what kind of impact we have been able to make.

I am running for Vice-Chair of DAG because I want to strengthen our volunteer base and grassroots organizing efforts so that we can hit the ground running in 2022 for the midterms. DAG has been able to establish a number of teams and volunteer opportunities over the past two years and during the next two years, I want to continue this work. During my time as Vice-Chair for the Berlin Chapter, I have seen how impactful organizing at the neighborhood level was, as well as providing more volunteers the opportunity to be active contributors to DA. I plan on working to empower and engage more of our members so that DAG can keep expanding like it did in 2020 with the establishment of two new chapters.

Being an active member of DA at the global, national, and chapter levels has been a very fulfilling experience. I have truly enjoyed working with all of the volunteers I have met over the years. It has helped me not feel helpless during these last four years and all of our hard work in 2020 clearly paid off. I hope to continue to help build our DA community and give more people the chance to make a difference from abroad.

Endorsement of Emily Lines by Shari Temple
Endorsement of Emily Lines by Cory Lemke
Endorsement of Emily Lines by Diego Rivas

Sarah Elizabeth Melton

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

My name is Sarah Melton, and it would be an honor to serve with Democrats Abroad Germany in most any capacity. I am a lawyer by training and would love to be part of DGA’s “law squad”. A life-long Democrat, from a family of Democrats, I was born and vote in Colorado. I now live in Munich with my partner of seven years and our two rescue dogs – one from Alaska, the other from Bulgaria. As an American living overseas, I appreciate how important our votes are for the outcome of vital elections back home. I would love to help raise awareness of issues important to Americans living outside of the US, while also mobilizing and emphasizing the voice that millions of ex-pats can have in their home districts. Of primary concern should be preserving voting rights for all, and fighting against disenfranchisement of American voters. Specifically, I support: funding public education, with an emphasis on promoting women and minorities, and encouraging their focus on lucrative and promising STEM subjects; more and better health care and access for all, with special assistance for low-income and vulnerable patients; easier access to higher education and much-needed student loan relief; re-funding social support programs and family planning clinics; reforming the police, incarceration, and sentencing guidelines; reforming the military branches with more inclusivity and support for veterans, including mental health services; more assistance and recognition for Native Americans and Tribes; and D.C., Puerto Rico, and Pacific island statehoods. Locally, I support making living abroad easier and less stressful through sensible taxation reforms, streamlining visa applications, and promoting student and professional exchange programs. I truly believe we can all serve as ambassadors and diplomats for America, and through our actions and advocacy showcase the best parts of our country and culture. 

Sarah Mulloy

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, I vote in Ferndale, Michigan and my background is in marketing and music. Over the course of 10 years, I've used both sets of skills as a singer and an event coordinator for two different choirs in Munich. I've had the privilege of helping to found and steer the North & Central Bavaria Chapter over this past year. Organizing with Democrats Abroad Germany has been very energizing and empowering in a dark and dispiriting time.

I believe the responsibilities of DPCA Voting Representative are well-suited to my abilities. Since moving to Regensburg, Germany 17 years ago, I keep myself well-informed of my government's actions. The opportunity to weigh in on planks of the party platform is one I do not take lightly. Some of the policy subjects I'm most passionate about are:

  •  the fundamental injustice of treating healthcare as a commodity
  •  weeding out institutionalized racism in government, starting with a new VRA
  •  the U.S. becoming a champion for LGBTQIA+ people around the world
  •  eliminating tax loopholes for corporations and the ultra rich
  •  aggressive climate legislation

I recognize that I'm fairly new to DAG, but I believe my fresh perspective, my propensity to ask questions and my ability to learn on my feet will be enormous assets in this position.

Endorsement of Sarah Mulloy by Emily Lines
Endorsement of Sarah Mulloy by Emily Burnell Petrou
Endorsement of Sarah Mulloy by Neveillle Quaide Williams

Courtney Newman

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

Hello everyone! My name is Courtney Newman and I am a CO voter. I have lived in Cologne for 2.5 years and am here studying for my master’s degree in Environmental Science. I have been an active member of DA since late 2019. After experiencing “Trump’s America” firsthand, I was motivated to stay involved in politics back home, so I immediately took on the role as Germany’s Youth Caucus Leader.

Then, in Spring 2020, I helped re-establish the Global Youth Caucus, where I currently lead as co-chair. This rewarding role gives me the opportunity to promote the youth voice and perspective throughout DA. Some examples of these efforts include: organizing webinars and events related to youth-specific issues, working with young leaders to develop youth caucus country chapters, and communicating and collaborating with other caucuses and DA leaders. I believe I’ve been a prominent activist for youth issues in DA and have played a critical part in our caucus’ development. As a young leader, I’ve proven myself to be reliable, versatile, and responsible.

Now, I’d like to represent the youth voice and vision as a DPCA voting representative for DA Germany. As young voters, it is not uncommon to feel like our voices go unheard. Now more than ever though, youth involvement and stronger youth representation in the decision-making process are critical to our organization’s longevity and success. If we truly want DA to “look like America,” then it’s important that motivated, hard-working youth activists, like myself, also have a seat at the table. I will work to be a communicative and dependable leader, bring fresh perspectives on issues, find opportunities for meaningful change, and inspire other young DA members to get involved themselves.

I would be honored to serve DA Germany as a DPCA voting representative!

Endorsement of Courtney Newman by Quaide Williams
Endorsement of Courtney Newman by Quyen Nguyen
Endorsement of Courtney Newman by Ann Hesse


DAG Events & Fundraising Coordinator Candidate

Hello everyone! My name is Courtney Newman. I have lived in Cologne for 2.5 years and am here studying for my master’s degree in Environmental Science. I have been an active member of DA since late 2019. After experiencing “Trump’s America” firsthand, I was motivated to stay involved in politics back home, so I immediately took on the role as Germany’s Youth Caucus Leader. As YC Leader, I have planned Germany-wide events, collaborated with different chapters for more local engagement, and assisted the academic outreach team prior to the November 2020 elections.

In Spring 2020, I helped found the Global Youth Caucus, where I currently lead as co-chair. My GYC work has included planning phonebanking trainings and call-a-thons, organizing and hosting webinars and events related to youth-specific issues, and overseeing the caucus’ daily operations. I believe I’ve played an integral part in the development of our caucus structure and organization.

DA has become an important aspect of my life abroad and has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. As Events and Fundraising Coordinator, I’d like to work closely with chapter chairs and caucus leaders to provide better event-planning support. More local support means more meaningful, engaging opportunities for our members. I’d also like to open more channels of communication with chapters and leaders to gather and share their best practices. Moreover, with my lively youth spirit, I hope to bring new ideas that will elevate our fundraising potential and help us “get out the vote” as we approach the midterms and beyond.

As a DA leader, I’ve proven myself to be reliable, dependable, and accessible. My knack and experience with planning, paired with my passion for Democrats Abroad, make me an exceptional candidate for this position. I would be honored to serve DAG as the Events and Fundraising Coordinator!

Endorsement of Courtney Newman by Emily Lines
Endorsement of Courtney Newman by Daniela Vancic
Endorsement of Courtney Newman by Quaide Williams

Teresa Ritterhoff

DAG GOTV Coordinator Candidate

To the Members of Democrats Abroad Germany: It has been an honor to serve as GOTV Coordinator since September of last year, one of the busiest and strangest of our lives. Whether long-time members of DA or new to the organization, everyone in any proximity to leadership stepped up their involvement to get Biden elected, and I was no exception. I became a member of DA in early 2017, shortly after helping to organize the Heidelberg Women’s March, but soon left Germany to spend 18 months in Chicago. Shortly after my return, I was appointed GOTV Coordinator for our small but fierce Wiesbaden/Mainz chapter. In the relative lull of summer, we were able to stage a number of in-person tabling events in the area, such as the Whine Fest that ran parallel to Wiesbaden’s famous Wine Fest. I am passionate about GOTV as the core mission of DA, but last fall, there was no honest way for me to know whether I could do the job. The decision to take it was driven by the “needs must” and all-hands-on-deck energy that everyone who lived through 2020 will be familiar with. This time around, I am, if anything, even more aware of the many aspects of the work I need to learn more about; but I now know where to look and, most of all, whom to ask. In seeking your vote, I am asking for the privilege to continue building on the structures DAG has put in place to wage what continues to be the fight of our lives. But I am also asking for the opportunity to continue cultivating the relationships that were not only established while we were doing the work, but that are, in a very real sense, the work itself. Thank you for considering my candidacy. 

Endorsement of Teresa Ritterhoff by Beverly Seebach
Endorsement of Teresa Ritterhoff by Jennifer von Estorff
Endorsement of Teresa Ritterhoff by Deandra Anderson

Diego Rivas

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (M)

I am running to be reelected as a DPCA Voting Representative for Germany for the following reasons: 1. To represent DAG’s membership to the international level of Democrats Abroad. That means keeping in contact with the 14 DAG Chapter Chairs and the DAG Executive Committee, so that I can pass on relevant information to large portions of our membership and bring the wishes of the membership to the international level. 2. Work with the other 12 DPCA Voting Representatives on sharing good practices from DAG with other country committees, in order to increase the total amount of abroad voters around the world. 3. Strive to network with progressive DPCA Voting Representatives from other Democrats Abroad countries to ensure that our leadership and platform is progressive, forward-looking, and impactful. After four years as the Berlin Chair of Democrats Abroad, I am looking forward to staying involved with the organization and getting out the vote! I believe that my experience as Chair of Democrats Abroad Berlin (2017-2021), as an Democrats Abroad Germany Executive Committee Member (2017-2021), and a Bernie Sanders Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention gives me all of the necessary skills and knowledge of our organization to represent our blossoming Democrats Abroad Germany community and to work with various networks to strengthen our organization as a whole! Thank you for your consideration.

Endorsement of Diego Rivas by Emily Lines

Terese Sarno

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

Term-limited as Kaiserslautern Chapter Chair, I would now like to continue working for the success of Democrats Abroad as a DAG DPCA Voting Representative and request your support. Our Chapter Absentee Ballot Team made a huge breakthrough in voting turn-out this past election, not only for the Kaiserslautern region but for Germany and DA world-wide. We registered over 500 voters in the military community with non-partisan voter registration. I would like to continue the development of these successful techniques to enable and inspire the military overseas population to vote. I have attended the EMEA Regional Calls for the past two years as well as the Athens EMEA Regional Meeting. I have also attended DNC calls, DA international calls and the DA Germany monthly Executive Committee calls. I have been active in the development of the DA Germany Veterans and Military Caucus and am a Steering Committee member of the DA Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus to ensure that the concerns of our veterans and military families are not forgotten. Considering the large military and DoD population we have in Germany, it would be good for one or more of the Germany DPCA Voting Representatives to have direct experience working with the military community. As a longtime DoD civilian, I have the background to work with members of both the civilian community and the military. Your vote for my candidacy for one of the DPCA Voting Representative positions would be greatly appreciated. Terese

Endorsement of Terese Sarno by Bob Gould

Ron Schlundt

DAG Treasurer Candidate

Member of Democrats Abroad since 1983

I’m asking for your vote to be reelected Treasurer of Democrats Abroad-Germany for the 2021-23 term.  Besides my current term which ends with the 2021 Annual General Meeting, I was elected three times before to the Treasurer position (1999-2003, 2005-2009, and 2011-2015).  I’m very familiar with the duties of the position and with the Federal Election Commission rules which apply to our organization’s fundraising and spending.     

I’ve also held Democrats Abroad offices in the following positions: 

Kaiserslautern Chapter Chair 1983-86 (when chapter was formed) 
Germany-wide Chair 1986-1995 and 2003-2005
European Regional Vice Chair 1995-96
Member of Democratic National Committee for Democrats Abroad 1996-2004
Delegate to Democratic National Conventions for DA, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004.
At Large Member of DAG Executive Committee 2009-2011
DPCA Voting Representative 2015-2019 

Our organization has always run its finances efficiently, transparently, and in full compliance with party regulations and both U.S. and German law.  I’ll pledge to continue those policies and would be pleased to have your support and the opportunity to continue to serve as Treasurer.

Endorsement of Ron Schlundt by Quaide Williams
Endorsement of Ron Schlundt by Shari Temple
Endorsement of Ron Schlundt by Dr. Kenton E. Barnes

Robert Scott

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (M)

Robert V. Scott I am requesting your support to be re-elected DPCA Voting Representative for the 2021-2023 term. I joined Democrats Abroad in 2003 after seeing an advertisement in an inflight magazine while flying between Germany and the USA. For many years I was a member in name only, in that I made the occasional donations, and voted from abroad in national elections. After the 2016 elections, I felt compelled to become more involved. I was nominated from the floor at the 2019 AGM and was elected to be a DPCA Voting Representative. The past two years have been both enlightening and rewarding. Now that I have finally learned the job, I would like to return to the position to improve on my performance while representing DAG best interest. Over the past two years I have worked with the Global Black Caucus, the DAG Veterans and Military Families Caucus, the Global Veterans and Military Families Steering Committee, and the Military GOTV efforts in the Kaiserslautern and Wiesbaden Military Communities. I also supported activities of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus. My time in service helped to inform my work with military communities. Prior to the 2020 Presidential elections, we were able to help hundreds of Active-duty Military and their Family Members, get registered, and request their Federal Absentee Ballots. I also participated in all elections that required votes from DPCA Voting Representatives over the last two years. During the 2020 AGM, I participated in a community service effort by helping to distribute food at the local farmer’s market. I am a retired Army Officer who went into Higher Education after retirement. I am currently an adjunct lecturer with SRH Hochschule Heidelberg.

Endorsement of Robert Scott by Ron Schlundt

Powen Shiah

DAG Treasurer and DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (M)

Dear fellow members of Democrats Abroad Germany,

I’d love to hear from you: [email protected]

You can find out more about me: http://vote.powen.net

I’ve been living in Berlin and active in Democrats Abroad since 2014. During that time, I’ve held leadership roles on the local, national, and international levels.

- Berlin Chapter Board (Media & Communications officer): 2015-2021

- Germany DPCA voting representative: 2019-2021

- Global AAPI Caucus steering committee: Since 2020

I’ve helped grow the Berlin chapter, organizing meetings, fundraisers, and all kinds of events, in addition to my press outreach and communications work. I’m proud of what I accomplished, reaching new U.S. voters and keeping 5000+ members engaged through email, social media, and our website.

As a voting representative for Germany and an active Executive Committee member, I introduced and rolled out new digital tools to help us work together better.

I’m a founding member of the global Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus (http://www.democratsabroad.org/aapi/), where I serve on the steering committee, communications working group, and global IT liaison.

Since I first started organizing for racial justice and LGBTQ rights in college, I have always strived to put my politics in my practice. I always think about

- how to include more people in progressive movements,

- how organizational structures can better serve our values, and

- how to improve transparency and lower barriers to participation.

What does this mean? I can grasp complex topics, break them down, and communicate clearly, from Federal Election Commission rules to party platform processes. As Treasurer and Voting Representative. I’ll work with members, voters, and volunteers, whether they bring decades of experience or are just getting involved.

Let’s build a long-term, sustainable Democrats Abroad Germany. I’m excited to be part of that project, and ask for your vote and support.

Endorsement of Powen Shiah for Treasurer by Beverly Seebach
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Endorsement of Powen Shiah for DPCA Voting Representative by Quaide Williams

Micayla Smith

DAG Chapter Development Coordinator Candidate and DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

Hello everyone! My name is Micayla (She/ Her). Born in 1996 & raised in Tacoma, Washington, I have been calling Berlin home since 2017. For the last few years, I have been active with local organizations supporting migrant families in Berlin and a grassroots project providing procedural/ legal advice/ counselling to migrants experiencing police harassment. I care deeply about migratory issues, socio-economic inequalities, gender politics and the climate crisis. These issues are timely and deeply interconnected. This spring, I will graduate with an MA in Political Economy of European Integration. Studying the European multi-level governance, vast accomplishments of the welfare state in Europe, I have gained new outlooks on good governance and efficient polities. The regional politics I am involved in have led me to think internationally and run for DPCA Voting Rep. As a DPCA Voting Rep, I would activate our national board on said social issues, be a voice for other young people and bring about a future the common folx want & need. The U.S. is experiencing social, political and ideological transitions right now. DAG is a suitable space for those abroad to discuss, mobilize and collaborate on issues affecting us all. My newness to the Democrats Abroad Germany is an opportunity to contribute fresh eyes and innovative ideas to a team of Visionaries. Together we can harness democratic progressivism with passion for a sustainable and equitable future. If you would like to follow up for a chat or have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] Thanks for your consideration & I look forward to serving as a DAG DPCA Voting Representative!

Endorsement of Micayla Smith by Bettina Schrenk

Shari Temple

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

I would be honored to serve another term as a DPCA Voting Representative (VR) representing Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG).   

I have been an active member of DAG since 2005 servicing in various positions – Munich Chapter Chair, DAG Secretary, DAG Vice-Chair, DAG Chair, and DAG Voting Representative.   At the DA International level, I have served on the Executive Committee as EMEA Regional Vice Chair (RVC).   I have been a chair and member of many global committees over the years and currently the IT Chair and the head of the Equal Rights Amendment Task Force.

For those that know me, I hope you have seen that I am willing to spend the time and energy for the organization from grunt work to high level presentations.   My ability to listen to both sides of an argument and look for win-win solutions are a valuable skill for the VR role.  I am a team player willing to share knowledge and work with the rest of the VR members and our DAG Executive Committee.

The reason I am running for VR is to share my knowledge and experience within DA to help make our organization better and more effective.   Based on my various roles at all levels, I understand the inter-workings of the organization and how to effect change.

I would appreciate your vote for one of the DAG DPCA Voting Representative positions.

DAG Membership/IT Coordinator Candidate

I have accepted the nomination for the position of DAG IT/Membership Coordinator. As the Global IT Chair, I know the Nation Builder system, DA’s membership management system, inside and out. In the past, I have helped those with this role when there was an overload of work. It was also part of the DAG Secretary role when I held that position. I definitely have the skills and knowledge to perform the duties of the DAG IT/Membership Coordinator. And I am willing to invest the time to perform those duties.

Endorsement of Shari Temple by Dona Geyer
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Jennifer von Estorff

DAG Secretary and DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

I would be grateful for the opportunity to continue serving as the Secretary of Democrats Abroad Germany and become a DPCA Voting Representative. My volunteer efforts with DA began when I was given the chance to establish the Hannover Precinct in late 2018. After helping to build up a strong team of volunteers in our chapter, increase membership in the area and organize multiple Global Presidential Primaries, one of which we hosted in Hannover, I was asked to serve as DAG Secretary in March of 2020. As Secretary, I have worked with the leadership team to facilitate and organize structures to ensure clear communication and easy access to information. I am well-organized, motivated, and engaged, and I aim to be encouraging and supportive of those around me. I also helped establish and organize the Voter Assistance Team that helped close to 1500 voters here in Germany who were struggling to receive or cast their ballots. Our team wrote hundreds of emails and made countless phone calls to local election officials to follow up on each individual situation and ensure that every vote would be counted. Once the November election had passed, we dove into the efforts to win the Georgia Senate seats. I am now participating in initiatives to encourage voters to become more involved in state and local elections to ensure the Democrats can battle voter suppression and gerrymandering. I am a native Texan, a mother of two boys and an international school teacher who has called Germany home for 20 years. I was recently re-elected as Vice Chair of the Göttingen-Hannover Chapter and hope to continue working on the local and national level to increase DA’s outreach in Germany to ensure as many people as possible can exercise their right to vote. Thank you for your consideration.

Endorsement of Jennifer von Estorff by Kate Sawyer
Endorsement of Jennifer von Estorff by Teresa Ritterhof
Endorsement of Jennifer von Estorff by Dr. Kenton Emery Barnes

Quaide Williams

DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (M)

I started working with DA as part of Americans Overseas for Kerry in Munich in 2004, and after working on the Obama campaign in Germany, I was elected Munich Chapter Chair in 2009. As chair I organized the first annual Oktoberfest FUNdraiser, and before the 2010 midterms, I coordinated the production of our first professional DA brochure, as well as a postal mailing to all DAG members.

From 2011 to 2017, I served as either DAG Chair or Vice Chair. In my first year as DAG Vice Chair, I founded the EMEA COOP, a cooperative to provide country committees and Germany's chapters with high-quality postcards, brochures, buttons, t-shirts, etc – a project which still exists to this day... in my cellar! Visit our GermanyShop today! I also founded the Global Design Team two years ago and remain one of its co-chairs.

I was instrumental in planning – and driving – the Democrats Abroad Road Trip (DART) around Europe in the summer of 2012, visiting 26 cities in 13 different countries, motivating local committees and chapters and registering as many American citizens as we could find.

Having served as one of your DPCA Voting Reps, I’ve tried to represent our country committee well to the global body. It took three years to pass, but I was the driving force behind “one-person-one-vote” – the reason DAG has so many voting reps today.

I’ve attended Global Meetings in Florence, Seoul, Washington, Puerto Vallarta, London, Punta Cana, Berlin and Tokyo and EMEA Regional Meetings in Berlin, Strasbourg, Edinburgh and Kiev. I know the DPCA, have a good rapport with our DNC members and other leaders worldwide. Should you elect me to this position again, I promise to continue working hard for you. I ask for your support – and your vote.

Endorsement of Quaide Williams by Shari Temple
Endorsement of Quaide Williams by Jennifer Rakow-Stepper
Endorsement of Quaide Williams by Will Bakker