DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

Hi Fellow Democrats Abroad Germany Members! I’m Constance. I'm running to become a DPCA voting representative for our Germany Chapter. I’ve been a member of DA since I moved to Germany in 2014. I’ve been a staunch Democrat and supported political campaigns in a policy and organizing capacity at home and from abroad for much longer. Last month, I was elected Chair of the DA Berlin Chapter. With a fantastic team and the 5000+ strong membership in Berlin, I look forward to creating more touch-points to our DA in Berlin and increasing our membership’s engagement in DA and DA Berlin activities. Previously, I acted as a Kiez Captain, working with a small team of DA volunteers to reach as many voters for registration and voter support as possible through locally organized GOTV events and organizing phone-banking events to kick-start voter registration at the start of 2020. I have a passion for organizing and am convinced that empowering and educating voters is the key to ensuring progressive policy changes in the United States. I have a strong understanding of and dedicated experience in policymaking and political strategy and campaigning both in Germany and back home. I would like to apply this knowledge to further increase DA Germany’s visibility and participation in policy-shaping at the DA international level. As a DPCA voting representative, I would like to represent our largest DA Germany Chapter’s voice at the international level and support our national chapter in transporting the strong ideas developed by our local and national chapters to DA as a whole. I would be honored to represent Democrats Abroad Germany as a DPCA voting representative and would appreciate your vote. Thank you for your consideration! Please reach out if you have any questions: [email protected] 

Endorsement of Constance Chucholowski by Emily Lines
Endorsement of Constance Chucholowski by Neveille Quaide Williams