DAG Vice Chair Candidate

Gender: (F)

As an active member in Democrats Abroad (DA) since Spring 2016, I have held various leadership positions since 2017. This has included Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG) Events & Fundraising Coordinator, DPCA Voting Representative, Vice-Chair of the Berlin Chapter, and Co-Chair of the Global Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus. These past four years have been very busy (and sometimes exhausting), but an exciting time for DA and I have enjoyed seeing how much this organization has grown and what kind of impact we have been able to make.

I am running for Vice-Chair of DAG because I want to strengthen our volunteer base and grassroots organizing efforts so that we can hit the ground running in 2022 for the midterms. DAG has been able to establish a number of teams and volunteer opportunities over the past two years and during the next two years, I want to continue this work. During my time as Vice-Chair for the Berlin Chapter, I have seen how impactful organizing at the neighborhood level was, as well as providing more volunteers the opportunity to be active contributors to DA. I plan on working to empower and engage more of our members so that DAG can keep expanding like it did in 2020 with the establishment of two new chapters.

Being an active member of DA at the global, national, and chapter levels has been a very fulfilling experience. I have truly enjoyed working with all of the volunteers I have met over the years. It has helped me not feel helpless during these last four years and all of our hard work in 2020 clearly paid off. I hope to continue to help build our DA community and give more people the chance to make a difference from abroad.

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