Join us to Meet the Candidates! 

Each candidate who attends will have time to speak, and we'll have time for voters to ask questions. RSVP at these links to get meeting links:

Candidates are listed below alphabetically; scroll down to see the statements and endorsements they've submitted.
To see all the candidates for a given position, click these links:

Chair Chapter Development Coordinator Membership/IT Coordinator 
Vice Chair Communications Coordinator Press Coordinator
Secretary Events & Fundraising Coordinator  DPCA Voting Representative (we will elect 13)
Treasurer Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Coordinator  

Please note that DA rules state that our Chair and Vice Chair must be different genders, and no gender can make up more than half plus one of the full delegation of DPCA Voting Reps. We've asked candidates their gender and have posted it for candidates for the relevant positions: (M) male, (F) female, (N) non-binary.

The list of nominations received by March 6 is also posted on the DAG Election webpage. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the election.

Join us to elect our leaders on Saturday, March 20 on Zoom at our 2021 DA Germany Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections. You must be a member of Democrats Abroad Germany and RSVP Here by noon on the day of the event to attend and to vote. See more info about eligibility and other details on the DAG Election webpage.