DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

My name is Sarah Melton, and it would be an honor to serve with Democrats Abroad Germany in most any capacity. I am a lawyer by training and would love to be part of DGA’s “law squad”. A life-long Democrat, from a family of Democrats, I was born and vote in Colorado. I now live in Munich with my partner of seven years and our two rescue dogs – one from Alaska, the other from Bulgaria. As an American living overseas, I appreciate how important our votes are for the outcome of vital elections back home. I would love to help raise awareness of issues important to Americans living outside of the US, while also mobilizing and emphasizing the voice that millions of ex-pats can have in their home districts. Of primary concern should be preserving voting rights for all, and fighting against disenfranchisement of American voters. Specifically, I support: funding public education, with an emphasis on promoting women and minorities, and encouraging their focus on lucrative and promising STEM subjects; more and better health care and access for all, with special assistance for low-income and vulnerable patients; easier access to higher education and much-needed student loan relief; re-funding social support programs and family planning clinics; reforming the police, incarceration, and sentencing guidelines; reforming the military branches with more inclusivity and support for veterans, including mental health services; more assistance and recognition for Native Americans and Tribes; and D.C., Puerto Rico, and Pacific island statehoods. Locally, I support making living abroad easier and less stressful through sensible taxation reforms, streamlining visa applications, and promoting student and professional exchange programs. I truly believe we can all serve as ambassadors and diplomats for America, and through our actions and advocacy showcase the best parts of our country and culture.