DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender (F)

Term-limited as Kaiserslautern Chapter Chair, I would now like to continue working for the success of Democrats Abroad as a DAG DPCA Voting Representative and request your support. Our Chapter Absentee Ballot Team made a huge breakthrough in voting turn-out this past election, not only for the Kaiserslautern region but for Germany and DA world-wide. We registered over 500 voters in the military community with non-partisan voter registration. I would like to continue the development of these successful techniques to enable and inspire the military overseas population to vote. I have attended the EMEA Regional Calls for the past two years as well as the Athens EMEA Regional Meeting. I have also attended DNC calls, DA international calls and the DA Germany monthly Executive Committee calls. I have been active in the development of the DA Germany Veterans and Military Caucus and am a Steering Committee member of the DA Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus to ensure that the concerns of our veterans and military families are not forgotten. Considering the large military and DoD population we have in Germany, it would be good for one or more of the Germany DPCA Voting Representatives to have direct experience working with the military community. As a longtime DoD civilian, I have the background to work with members of both the civilian community and the military. Your vote for my candidacy for one of the DPCA Voting Representative positions would be greatly appreciated. Terese

Endorsement of Terese Sarno by Bob Gould