DAG Chair Candidate

Gender: (M)

Dear Members of Democrats Abroad – Germany:

I am Kenton E. Barnes and would like to be Chair of Democrats Abroad – Germany. At a young age I was instilled with a sense of political duty. Even though I was born in the North, my right to vote was secured through the Voting Rights Act of 1965, fought for by thousands of people. Being exposed to the legacy of these activists cemented my interest the politics.

After coming to Germany in 2002, I saw the USA differently, which reinforced my desire to be involved in the political process. I became a member of Democrats Abroad, but because there was no chapter close to me, I was a member in name only. Not until Trump was elected did I felt compelled to become active. I contacted Democrats Abroad and asked what I could do, and was told to start a precinct. In 2017, I helped found the Braunschweig Precinct. I also became Chair of the Germany LGBTQ+ Caucus, seeking to help chapters at CSD festivals find Americans to inform them of their right to vote. I have also experienced DA at the Global level, attending meetings in Barcelona and Tokyo. In 2019, I was elected Vice-Chair working closely with DA leadership to engage more Americans in the political process.

If elected, I will continue to build on the strong foundations that have been laid in communications, voter outreach and education, and chapter and caucus development. Even though we have been instrumental in electing Democrats in the past two cycles, we cannot rest on our laurels. We must turn our attention to the States and other down-ballot races and elect democrats who will enact legislation that will benefit all Americans. It has been a pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Endorsement of Kenton Barnes by Katie Von Holzen
Endorsement of Kenton Barnes by Christian Gross
Endorsement of Kenton Barnes by Angela Fobbs