DAG DPCA Voting Representative Candidate

Gender: (F)

I would be honored to serve another term as a DPCA Voting Representative (VR) representing Democrats Abroad Germany (DAG).   

I have been an active member of DAG since 2005 servicing in various positions – Munich Chapter Chair, DAG Secretary, DAG Vice-Chair, DAG Chair, and DAG Voting Representative.   At the DA International level, I have served on the Executive Committee as EMEA Regional Vice Chair (RVC).   I have been a chair and member of many global committees over the years and currently the IT Chair and the head of the Equal Rights Amendment Task Force.

For those that know me, I hope you have seen that I am willing to spend the time and energy for the organization from grunt work to high level presentations.   My ability to listen to both sides of an argument and look for win-win solutions are a valuable skill for the VR role.  I am a team player willing to share knowledge and work with the rest of the VR members and our DAG Executive Committee.

The reason I am running for VR is to share my knowledge and experience within DA to help make our organization better and more effective.   Based on my various roles at all levels, I understand the inter-workings of the organization and how to effect change.

I would appreciate your vote for one of the DAG DPCA Voting Representative positions.

DAG Membership/IT Coordinator Candidate

I have accepted the nomination for the position of DAG IT/Membership Coordinator. As the Global IT Chair, I know the Nation Builder system, DA’s membership management system, inside and out. In the past, I have helped those with this role when there was an overload of work. It was also part of the DAG Secretary role when I held that position. I definitely have the skills and knowledge to perform the duties of the DAG IT/Membership Coordinator. And I am willing to invest the time to perform those duties.

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