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The DAG Frankfurt Chapter provides a space for you to get to know your compatriots, to discuss and debate the issues of the day, and to be active in helping elect Democrats to reclaim our country for democracy. – Now meeting in Darmstadt, Gießen, Frankfurt and, for a short time, get-togethers in Eppstein.

GET INVOLVED: Come to a meeting and/or become a volunteer. Short on time? Please think about contributing. DA is run totally on donations and with active members.

Or contact Barb Chap, Chapter Chair, directly if you have an idea, want to learn more about the Frankfurt Chapter, or be part of the organizational team (Press, for example).

In this post you'll find the many chapter activities. Scroll down to learn more.

VOTE FROM ABROAD INFO STAND - Frankfurt February 28


    GPP Planning Meetings:

    - Frankfurt - February 25
    - Darmstadt -  February 28 

    GPP – Vote in Person:

    - Frankfurt - March 3 & March 7
    - Darmstadt - March 7

TAUNUS TALKS in Eppstein - February 25, March 19 and 31 

Frankfurt - March 6


   - Frankfurt - March 12
   - Gießen/Marburg - March 14
   - Darmstadt Area - March 28

WHAT'S NEXT - Bring an American with you… 

Vote From Abroad Info Stand: Saturday, February 28, 1pm to 5pm. Hauptwache, on Ziel between Kaufhof and My Zeil 

With the GPP just a few days away, we want to reach Saturday shoppers. The volunteers at the 15th February stand not only informed a dozen or so Americans, we were able to collect some donations, too. 

Take an hour shift or more by signing up at the doodle poll. Meet lots of nice people and help them request an absentee ballot. T-shirts and hoodie jackets are available for us to raise donations. Or you could bake some Cookies for Cash.

GPP Planning Meetings:

It would be great if you, too, joined the GPP teams and helped members exercise democracy by voting 

- Frankfurt February 25, online at zoom. Contact Barb.

- Darmstadt Area - Saturday, February 29, 1 pm - 3 pm. Contact Brian
  Hotel Restaurant Bockshaut, Kirchstraße 7-9, 64283 Darmstadt 

Global Presidential Primary Voting Centers:

Vote in person for the Democratic candidate of your choice! Then enjoy conversation with like-minded members and snacks.


Contact us to join the planning meeting on February 25 and be active part of this important and fun event.


Contact Brian to join in the planning on 29 February and the fun of this important event.

Taunus Talks:

Eppstein: Tuesday, February 25; Thursday, March 19; Tuesday, March 31

A few small dinners at a member’s home to discuss democracy and how we can exercise our power as U.S. citizens. Come for an evening of friendly faces, good food and respectful dialogue about things that really matter.  Starting at 6:30. RSVP for any date that works for you and for directions.


On behalf of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Hessen, I cordially invite the members of Democrats Abroad Germany to a panel discussion (in German) on "Die Demokratische Partei nach dem Super Tuesday - Wer fordert Trump heraus?" at the Haus am Dom in Frankfurt at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 6.
More info

      With thanks and best regards,
      Gerhard Wiesinger, Advisory Board


Frankfurt Chapter Meeting: Thursday, March 12, 7 to 9pm

SPD Haus, Fischerfeldstraße 7-11, 60311 Frankfurt

Now that many of the primaries are over, what does the presidential candidate field look like?

No matter, we know what our job is: Let’s find as many Americans as we can and sign them up to get their absentee ballots. How are we going to do that? What events shall we plan? How about a few parties? Let’s hear what you have to say.

TIME FOR A CHANGE: Get social with us at Metropol at 5:30 before the meeting. Getting there at 6:00 still gives you time to order a delicious meal before heading to the SPD Haus, just a 7-minute walk away.

Metropol Café am Dom, Weckmarkt 13 – 15, 60311 Frankfurt

Gießen/Marburg Meet & Plan: Saturday, March 14, 1 pm - 3 pm

Justus im Hessischen Hof, Frankfurterstraße 7, 35390 Gießen

For our first meeting in the Gießen/Marburg area, 23 members enjoyed lunch and political conversation. How can you be active to restore the White House and Congress to the Democrats? We’ll talk about the ways and plan activities for the coming months. 

Darmstadt Area Meeting: Saturday, March 28, 1 pm - 3 pm

Hotel Restaurant Bockshaut, Kirchstraße 7-9, 64283 Darmstadt

The Darmstadt Area had a Global Presidential Primary Voting Center on March 7. We’ll get a report. And then we can map out the next months’ activities to help Americans register and request their absentee ballots. How can you be active? Join this dedicated group to find out.


Chapter Potluck - End of March TBA

Fun for the whole family. Liza and Carl are looking for a suitable venue for families, a kitchen, easy to get to with public transport, and parking. Know a good place? Contact us.

Planned Meet and Greet Events in other Chapter cities:

If you live outside of Frankfurt proper and would like an event near you, you can help us to find the right location, and we can plan the meeting and contact the people around you. We need everyone’s vote in 2020 to put Democrats in office! Contact Barb, Chapter Chair.

Thank you for reading, and VOTE in the Global Presidential Primary – online or in person.

We're looking forward to meeting you all. Please join us.

Frankfurt Chapter Team