July 23, 2018

Election Spotlight - New Mexico's First Congressional Race

This next woman could make history!

The United States has never elected a Native American woman to Congress, but that could change with Debra Haarland, who is running in New Mexico’s 1st Congressional district. Haarland won the Democratic Party Nomination in June, and her Republican opponent is Janice Arnold-Jones.

Haarland is extremely active in politics and a diligent advocate for Native American rights. She graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law specializing in Indian Law in 2006. In 2008, she was a full time volunteer on Obama’s presidential campaign, and in 2012 Haarland served as the New Mexico state Native American vote director for Obama’s reelection campaign. In 2015, Haarland was elected to be the Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. During her two years as Chair, Haarland led New Mexico to flip its State House from red to blue. She is also an activist and traveled to Standing Rock to support the Standing Rock people.

Haarland is focused on acting fast to counteract climate change by fighting for 100% clean energy, and putting people over profits. She also believes that income inequality cannot be ignored any longer, and will fight for better and fairer infrastructure. Along with better infrastructure, Haarland will fight for better conditions for working families - a higher minimum wage, expanding social security, free child care and medicare for all. Haarland is also determined to create better public education, including debt-free college and universal pre-k. Haarland is also a stark advocate for women, minorities and immigrants. She will fight for full rights for all. To learn more visit https://debforcongress.com/

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