This Week: Vernissage, Pub Night, AGM Remote Voting

This week is packed with events! There's an exhibition opening, our regular pub night, and a chance to participate in the annual general meeting remotely — something for everyone. We hope to see you at one of them!

Tonight, the Women's Caucus is getting together to attend the opening night of the exhibition Stimmen! at Willy-Brandt-Haus. More details below, and don't forget to let us know if you decide to join.

Tomorrow, we'll be heading to Eschenbräu in Wedding for our monthly political pub night. It's always a great time, so grab a friend and head over for something social.

Can't make Democrats Abroad Germany's Annual General Meetingin Heidelberg this weekend? Not a problem! You can still join in and vote for Democrats Abroad Germany's leadership from here in Berlin. We will be setting up a remote votingand participation center from a member's home in Moabit on Saturday. RSVP for the exact address.


In past years, Democrats Abroad Berlin has hosted a U.S. tax info night to help Americans living overseas understand their obligations back “home.” Are you a U.S. tax preparer, accountant, or otherwise an expert willing to speak generally to fellow Americans living abroad on this topic? Please get in touch:

Upcoming Events

Opening Night: Stimmen! 100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht — Women's Caucus

TODAYTue. Feb 19, 2019, from 7pm
Willy-Brandt-Haus, Wilhelmstraße 140, 10963 Berlin
(optional meetup before exhibition at 6pm, at Hallesches Haus)
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February Political Pub Night – Eschenbräu

Wed. Feb 20, 2019, from 7pm
Eschenbräu, Triftstraße 67, 13353 Berlin-Wedding (U6/9 Leopoldplatz)
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AGM Remote Voting Center in Berlin

Sat. Feb 23, 2019, 3 - 6pm
Private home in Moabit near U9 Birkenstrasse (RSVP for address)
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Also of interest:

Die US-amerikanischen Gewerkschaften und die Regierung Trump (German)

Wed. March 6, 2019, 6 - 8pm
ver.di-Haus, Paula-Thiede-Ufer 10, 10179 Berlin
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Congratulations to the newly elected board of the Berlin chapter!

On January 29, 2019, at the election meeting at Begegnungsstätte Falckensteinstraße, the Berlin chapter of Democrats Abroad elected new leadership.
Left to right: Julia Dennis (Membership & Volunteers), Amy Baldauf (Get Out The Vote), Emily Lines (Vice Chair), Diego Rivas (Chair), Powen Shiah (Communications & Press)

Many thanks to our temporary election chair Hilary B., and the election monitors Andrea S. & Theresa G. as well as all the members who turned out to vote for our chapter leadership. It’s the first time the Berlin membership has directly elected any positions besides chapter chair, and an important step in increasing democratic accountability.

Pictured: former Berlin chapter chairs David Knutson (L) & Nancy Green (R) with current chair Diego Rivas (center)

Reminder: Chapter Elections on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

This Tuesday, January 29, 2019, beginning at 7:30pm at Begegnungsstätte Falckensteinstraße, the Berlin chapter of Democrats Abroad Germany will hold elections for the chapter board.

This is the first time our chapter will directly elect board positions beyond chapter chair, so we hope to see as many of you as possible! Be part of making Democrats Abroad more democratic, right here in our own backyard. The five leadership positions up for election are

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Communications and Press Officer
  • Volunteer and Membership Coordinator
  • and GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Coordinator

You can read the statements from the current slate candidates our website.

Candidate nominations can also be made from the floor at the election meeting, if supported by a second from among the membership. For more details about the election process and descriptions of the positions being elected, visit the 2019 Berlin Chapter Elections page.

If you have any questions about the election, the positions, or the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Annual General Meeting in Heidelberg

Democrats Abroad Germany is hosting its 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Heidelberg the last weekend in February (Feb 22-24). We encourage members in Berlin to attend. Come network with other Americans from across Germany, be part of the discussion on the future of Democrats Abroad Germany, and vote on (or run for!) national leadership positions.

Help Democrats Abroad telling our taxation stories!

Democrats Abroad is currently conducting the 2019 Non-Resident Taxation Research Project. The taxation task force wants to hear from you to support efforts to persuade Congress to reform taxation laws and provide us with relief.

  • All questions are optional
  • No names, emails, or personal identification requested or required
  • Information gathered will be used to lobby Congress and federal government regulators and to illustrate the financial burden Americans abroad endure complying with the tax, banking, securities, and other laws that discriminate against us.
  • ►Take the survey by midnight (U.S. EST) on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Upcoming Events

2019 Berlin Chapter Elections - Democrats Abroad Berlin

Tue. Jan 29, 2019, 7:30-10pm
Begegnungsstätte Falckensteinstraße, Falckensteinstraße 6, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
(U1 Schlesisches Tor, Bus 165/265)
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2019 Annual General Meeting (Democrats Abroad Germany)

Fri Feb 22 - Sun Feb 24, 2019
Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Hauptstraße 120, Heidelberg 69117
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Candidate Statements – 2019 Berlin Chapter Election

On January 29, 2019, elections for the Berlin chapter of Democrats Abroad Germany (see election event details) will take place for five leadership positions. Members intending to run were able to submit declarations of candidacy by email by January 15, 2019 at 11:59pm and could also include a candidate statement of up to 250 words.

Nominations of candidates may also be made from the floor at the election meeting, if supported by a second from among the membership. For more details about the election process and descriptions of the positions being elected, visit the 2019 Berlin Chapter Elections page.

The following candidate statements were received by the submission deadline.

Chapter Chair

Diego Rivas

I am running for Berlin Chapter Chair to continue working on Democrats Abroad's primary goal: register and get the tens of thousands of US citizens living in Berlin to vote. To achieve this goal, I would like to continue my first term's emphasis on the issues as well as developing the necessary infrastructure and human-networks that our organization requires to thrive.

Specifically, I would like to continue working on making our organization more sustainable, by building a volunteer network within Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig, Dresden that is able to reach and engage US citizens living in all corners of the region. The establishment of the Berlin Board and my work with the precinct captains of these cities has been a good start to building this network. In the coming two years, I plan to collaborate with these groups more, collectively define their roles, so that we can together create a coherent and effective chapter that will help us win elections back home in the states.

It was a true pleasure meeting and collaborating with members of the community the the past two years during my first term as Berlin Chair. I would be humbled to continue working with this chapter, as we together do our part in taking back our country in 2020.

Chapter Vice Chair

Emily Lines

I am running for the position of Vice Chair of the Berlin Chapter of Democrats Abroad Germany. After already serving in this role for two years, I would like to serve another term and continue the work that we began in 2017. The next two years are focused on the upcoming general election in 2020 and I want to keep doing the important volunteer work to make sure the Democrats defeat the current President, as well as reach all those Americans living overseas to help them vote. During my first term as Vice Chair, I learned a lot about Democrats Abroad and specifically the Berlin Chapter. We are a large chapter in the capital of Germany that requires a lot of organization and dedication. I have worked well together with the board that was established in 2017 and I think we have reached a good rhythm of how to plan all of our events and we work well together. Therefore, I would like to continue working with these individuals and our members to make sure that the next two years are just as successful. That is why I am asking for your support to be re-elected as Vice Chair of the Berlin Chapter.

Communications and Press Officer

Powen Shiah

I believe that building sustainable political movements starts at the local level, and that Americans living abroad need and deserve ways to stay engaged in the U.S. political process as well. That’s why I’ve been active in Democrats Abroad Berlin since I first arrived in Berlin in 2014: organizing events, managing chapter’s social media, website, and email, among other responsibilities.

Right now is the time for progressive communities like ours in Berlin to develop a vision of what kind of world we want to live in, by delving into the pressing issues like climate change, economic justice, civil rights, health care, and other challenges our society faces today.

We can do this as Americans in Berlin by continuing to create opportunities educate ourselves about critical political and social issues, by expanding the community through social and cultural events, and by supporting and helping U.S. citizens abroad to vote.

I want to make our chapter of Democrats Abroad a model for transparent and effective communication, making information accessible where and when our members want it.

My goals for the next two years are to
1) develop new ways to connect with Americans living in Berlin
2) strengthen our relationships with local news media to increase Democrats Abroad’s reach

My name is Powen Shiah, and I’m asking for your vote for Berlin chapter Communications & Press Officer.

Member and Volunteer Coordinator

Julia Dennis

After taking on this role for the past 6 months, I am delighted to run for the Member & Volunteer Coordinator position for next term. I’m currently working towards a PhD in political science and have a background in events and communications, so this position rolls a lot of my interests into one — but so far the real highlight has been getting to know so many of the members and volunteers who bring with them unique stories, experiences and motivations for being in Berlin and getting involved in DA. That said, there is always a lot more to be done. In this role I hope to grow the initiatives from the past months, for example: conducting an All-Members survey to engage with more people on topics and activities that speak to them, create a ‘DA gives back’ volunteer day with the Berlin mobile kitchen (an idea that came from members); continue volunteer trainings to support events and Get Out the Vote; and kick off a quarterly member and volunteer profile to feature some of the interesting stories of those who joined both recently and many (many) years ago. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the DA Berlin mission by connecting, engaging and helping prepare volunteers and members in order to not only support political action and change in the US, but also to help build a community here in Berlin, and, above all, to keep learning, meeting new people and having fun doing it.

Women's March Berlin, January Pub Night, Candidacy Deadline for Chapter Elections

Happy new year!

Though the federal government is shut down right now, we’re still planning and organizing. For the 3rd year in a row, Democrats Abroad Berlin is organizing the Women’s March in Berlin on Saturday, January 19, 2019. March together with us to stand up for women’s rights and show solidarity with those fighting for justice around the world.

We also hope to see you at the first political pub night of the year at BrewDog Mitte on Wednesday, January 23rd. Bring a friend!

It’s also time for elections for the Berlin chapter: on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019, Democrats Abroad Berlin will hold elections to fill 5 chapter leadership positions for two-year terms.

  • If you're interested in running and have questions, get in touch.
  • Submissions for candidacy and candidate statements must be received by 11:59 PM on January 15th, 2019:

2019 Women's March

Sat. Jan 19, 2019, 10am - 12pm
Brandenburger Tor, Pariser Platz (look for the Democrats Abroad contingent near the U.S. Embassy)
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January Political Pub Night - BrewDog

Wed. Jan 23, 2019 from 7pm
BrewDog, Ackerstraße 29, 10115 Berlin-Mitte (U Rosenthaler Platz, S Nordbahnhof)
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2019 Berlin Chapter Elections

Tue. Jan 29, 2019, 7:30-10pm
Begegnungsstätte Falckensteinstraße, Falckensteinstraße 6, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
RSVP | Facebook | Positions | Election Rules

Please save the date and encourage other Americans in Berlin to come: we would like to have a large and democratic voter turnout to elect our new leaders.

2019 Annual General Meeting (Democrats Abroad Germany)

Fri Feb 22 - Sun Feb 24, 2019
Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Hauptstraße 120, Heidelberg 69117
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Chapter Leadership Elections on Jan 29, 2019 & Last 2018 Pub Night Reminder

On Tuesday, January 29th, 2019, Democrats Abroad Berlin will hold elections to fill five chapter leadership positions for two-year terms:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Communications and Press Officer
  • Volunteer and Membership Coordinator
  • GOTV (Get Out The Vote) Coordinator

As the leadership of Germany's largest chapter and one of the larger Democrats Abroad groups internationally, the Berlin chapter Chair and other leadership positions carry significant responsibility and great opportunity to take political action while living abroad. As the Berlin chapter continues to grow and evolve, our leadership must as well. That's why, in line with the bylaws changes enacted at the February 2018 Annual General Meeting in Hamburg, the Berlin chapter will be directly electing several leadership positions.

Please read the complete description of each position for more details about the roles and responsibilities.

The election will begin promptly at 7:30 PM at Begegnungsstätte Falckensteinstraße at Falckensteinstr. 6, 10997 Berlin (U1 Schlesisches Tor).


  • You must be a member of the Democrats Abroad Berlin Chapter before January 1, 2019, to be eligible to run for a leadership position
  • To run for any of the five positions, the member must submit their candidacy by 11:59 PM on January 15th, 2019, to
  • Candidates are also encouraged to submit a 250 word candidate statement to be published online and sent to the chapter membership, if submitted on or before 11:59 PM on January 15th, 2019
  • Nominations or self-nominations, for leadership positions may be made after January 15th, but only on election night, from the floor, and will require a second from another member of Democrats Abroad Berlin in the room
  • Each candidate may give a speech of up to 10 minutes on election night
  • Voters are presumed qualified to participate in the election if
    • (1) they have joined Democrats Abroad Germany before arriving at the voting center or
    • (2) at the voting center they join Democrats Abroad Germany and establish their identity by objective documentary evidence (including passport, residence card, military or student ID, etc.).
    • Persons who appear on the membership rolls of their DAG chapter do not need to provide any form of identification (ID) to be qualified to vote

Please also review the complete rules for the election.

We look forward to all candidates and a large turnout on election night to democratically elect our leadership that will take the helm of Democrats Abroad Berlin chapter through the 2020 elections.


Tue. Jan 29, 2019, 7:30-10pm
Begegnungsstätte Falckensteinstraße, Falckensteinstraße 6, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
RSVP | Facebook | Positions | Election Rules

If you have any questions about the election, the positions, or the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

P.S. Join us this Wednesday for our final pub night of the year!

Meet us at 7pm under the "Weihnachtsmarkt vor dem Schloss Charlottenburg" at the entrance.


Wed. Dec 18, 2018, from 7pm
Schloss Charlottenburg Weihnachtsmarkt, Spandauer Damm 20-24, Berlin 14059
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Open Leadership Positions - Berlin Chapter Elections 2019

Descriptions of Democrats Abroad Berlin Open Positions 2019-2021

Chapter Chair

  • Vision for chapter growth & development
  • Managing local leadership team
  • Liaison to national country committee (DAG)
  • Liaise with local (American) organizations
  • Represent chapter to public and members
  • Responsible for precincts
    • Finding & training precinct captains
    • Coordinating with precinct
  • Respond to member inquiries
  • Project management/deadlines
  • Manage interns
  • Organize and facilitate meetings
  • Fundraising
  • Perform either Secretary or Treasurer function

Vice Chair

  • Represent the chapter and perform chair duties as needed
  • Perform either Secretary or Treasurer function

Communications and Press Officer

  • Communications
    • Create events on Nationbuilder/website
    • Create events on Facebook
    • Send regular email newsletters to membership (event info)
  • Social media
    • Post relevant political news to Twitter & Facebook
    • Post chapter news and updates
    • Respond to inquiries on Facebook
  • Press
    • Maintain list of & relationships with media contacts
    • Maintain list of press coverage
    • Write and distribute press releases
    • Coordinate with national/international press officers
    • Train local members in talking points and press

Membership/Volunteer Coordinator

  • First contact to new members
  • Maintain list of active volunteers
  • Communicate volunteer opportunities to members
  • Develop new volunteer opportunities
  • Match tasks to volunteers

GOTV Coordinator

  • Coordinate phone banking
  • Organize voter registration events
  • Prepare materials for voter registration
  • Local resource on voter registration details
  • Train voter registration volunteers
  • Support fundraising efforts in non-election years

**All board members are also expected to participate and attend regular board organizing meetings**

🍪🌲Holiday treats this Tuesday at 2nd annual cookie swap! 🍡☕️

As 2018 comes to an end, we’d like to take a moment to reflect together on all our efforts and events as Democrats in Berlin this year. Let's celebrate the progressive gains in the midterms!

This Tuesday evening, join us for the 2nd annual holiday cookie swap in lieu of our regular December meeting. We'll have Glühwein and other drinks for a small donation, so join us with your cookies or other treats (sweet or savory) you'd like share.

If you'd like to get more involved with Democrats Abroad in 2019, get in touch about running for a leadership role in the Berlin chapter – details below.

Upcoming Events

Holiday Cookie Swap

Tue. Dec 4, 2018, 7:30-9pm
Begegnungsstätte Falckensteinstraße, Falckensteinstraße 6, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg
RSVP| Facebook

December Political Pub Night - Weihnachtsmarkt Edition - Save the Date!

Wed. Dec 18, 2018
Time & location TBA

Women's March Berlin - Save the Date!

Sat. Jan 19, 2019
Facebook | Want to help organize the 2019 march? Email us!

Berlin Chapter Elections

Tue. Jan 29, 2019

Democrats Abroad Berlin is a 100% volunteer organization run by leaders elected every two years.

The Berlin chapter of Democrats Abroad will be having an election for the following positions: Chapter Chair, Vice-Chair, Press and Communications Officer, Membership and Volunteer Coordinator, and a Get Out The Vote Coordinator. More information on the election and the positions forthcoming -- in the meantime, if you are interested in running for a leadership position, please contact us at

Please save the date and encourage other Americans in Berlin to come: we would like to have a large and democratic voter turnout to elect our new leaders.

2019 Annual General Meeting (Democrats Abroad Germany)

Fri Feb 22 - Sun Feb 24, 2019
Heidelberg Center for American Studies, Hauptstraße 120, Heidelberg 69117
Details | Facebook

Midterm Election Breakfast, Women’s March Award Ceremony & 2019 Save the Date

We’re just two weeks out from the midterm elections. We hope you’ve got your ballot filled out and you’re about to send it back to the U.S. -- if not, just hit reply on this email and let us know how we can help!

Now’s not the time to rest yet:

We still need your help to make calls to Americans abroad who we haven’t been able to reach yet. All you need is a computer and a few minutes. Join our last phonebanking push.

This Wednesday (Oct 24th), check out “Glitter Emergency - Art Against The Right” at Hallesches Haus, a benefit salon with art and music. We hope we’ll see you there!

For the U.S. 2018 midterm elections, we’ll be hosting a breakfast on Wednesday, November 7th starting at 7:30am to watch the live returns together. Come by before work, grab a coffee, and discuss the results in the company of Americans and friends! More details below & don't forget to RSVP.

On November 12th, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is honoring the Women’s March USA with its annual Human Rights Award. Several organizers from the U.S. committee will be coming to Berlin for the ceremony, and you’re all invited! Details & RSVP link at the bottom.

Upcoming Events

Glitter Emergency - Fight the Right Fundraiser

Wed. Oct 24, 2018, 7-10pm
Hallesches Haus, Tempelhofer-Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin

2018 U.S. Midterms Breakfast

Wed. Nov 7, 2018, 7:30-10am
Digital Eatery, Unter den Linden 17, 10117 Berlin (U/S Friedrichstraße)
RSVP (required) | Volunteer| Facebook

Potsdam Precinct Meeting - Save the Date!

Sun. Nov 11, 2018
Exact time & location TBD

Human Rights Award 2018: Women’s March USA

Mon. Nov 12, 2018, 5pm
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Hiroshimastr. 17, 10785 Berlin
RSVP (required) | Facebook

Women's March Berlin - Save the Date!

Sat. Jan 19, 2019
Facebook | Want to help organize the 2019 march? Email us!

🗳Register to Vote TONIGHT at our October meeting in Berlin & events next week

There are 19 states whose voter registration deadline for the midterm election is Tuesday, October 9, 2018 (today!)

  • If Kavanaugh's hearings and confirmation riled you up,
  • If you can't believe Trump's tax fraud is uncensured,
  • If you're terrified about climate change,
  • If children held in detention are breaking your heart,

one way to take action is to VOTE.


Volunteers will be ready to help at our October meeting, TONIGHT(Tuesday, Oct 9) starting from 7:30pm. We're also going to be holding a roundtable discussion, looking for your feedback on the Berlin chapter's activities over the last year, what went well and suggestions for what could be different.

Save the date for former Charlottesville, Va. Mayor Mike Signer, who will be speaking to Democrats Abroad Berlin the evening of Monday Oct 15about his work on the Communities Overcoming Extremism project. Location to be announced!

Event tip: New Jersey governor Phil Murphyis opening a Choose NJ's Europe office in Berlin on Tuesday Oct 16at 10am. RSVPfor the ceremony.

Join us for October political pub nighton Wednesday Oct 17as we try out a new spot in Mitte: Buchhandlung Caffeteria. Grab a friend for a drink and a snack after work!

Couldn't make it to Democrats Abroad Oktoberfest in Munich this past weekend? Check out the video from Wiesn! A few weeks ago, Berlin hosted Germany's Women's Caucus, here are some photos from workshop.



Tue. Oct 9, 2018, 7:30-9pm
Begegnungsstätte Falckensteinstraße, Falckensteinstr 6, 10997 Berlin
RSVP| Facebook


Mon. Oct 15, 2018, early evening
Location TBA


Wed. Oct 17, 2018, from 7pm
Buchhandlung Caffeteria Bar, Tucholsky Str 32, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
RSVP| Facebook