July 05, 2018

Election Spotlight - Utah's US Senate Race

Time for another election spotlight!

Incumbent US Senator Tom Carper has a primary challenger, Kerri Evelyn Harris in Delaware’s senatorial race. The primary is September 6th, 2018. Harris says she is running because “[Carper] is a bit disconnected and when it comes time to make the hard decisions, oftentimes he doesn’t side with the people” (Delaware Public Media).

Carper, a centrist, has a long career in politics in the state of Delaware, serving five terms as a US Congressmen, a two-term Governor, and was in the Delaware Senate. If elected in September, this would be his fourth term as US Senator. Carper wants to make healthcare more affordable, create jobs and grow the economy, fight for clean air and clean water, and hold Washington accountable. To read more visit http://www.carperfordelaware.com/

Harris, a biracial lesbian, joined the Air Force after 9/11, and after being medically retired from active duty, she has been active in Delaware with various different organizations working with youth and inspiring social change. Harris supports moving to a single payer healthcare system, strong labor rights, a progressive tax code, Universal Pre-K, and raising the minimum wage. She is also a strong supporter of #AbolishICE. To read more visit http://www.kerrievelynharris.com/

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