June 29, 2018

Election Spotlight - Wisconsin's Sixth Congressional District

This Election Spotlight focuses on a race that can help Democrats take back the House! In Wisconsin, 5 out of the 8 seats in the US House are occupied by Republicans. However Dan Kohl and Sarah Lloyd are challenging the Republican incumbent, Glenn Grothman, in Wisconsin’s 6th district. The primary is August 14th, 2018.

Kohl grew up and is now raising his own family in the 6th district. He has a law degree from Wisconsin-Madison, and he worked with the Milwaukee Bucks. Kohl joined J Street as Vice President of Political Affairs in 2009 during the wake of the Iraq War. At J Street, Kohl oversaw the development of the nation’s largest pro-Israel political action committee. He also has worked extensively within the community on veterans mental health initiatives and with Children’s Hospital Association. Kohl is focused on bringing Wisconsin values to Congress. He wants to make the economy work for all, is in support of science, will put the country ahead of the party, and believes that public servants should exhibit decency and humility. To read more visit http://www.kohlforcongress.com/

Lloyd has a PhD in Rural Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has worked on sustainable forest management issues abroad. She now lives on a dairy farm, and she works off-farm for the Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU). Lloyd helps farmers build their enterprises and gain access to better markets. In 2013, she was appointed by the US Secretary of Agriculture to represent the dairy farmers of Wisconsin on the National Dairy Board. She is a part of numerous other organizations that protect farmers and the environment. Lloyd wants to invest in American infrastructure, create jobs in new business sectors, do more work to address the gaps in the American healthcare system, promote fair trade not free trade, invest in quality public education, support farmers, and protect the environment. To read more visit http://lloydforwisconsin.com/

Remember to request your ballot from http://www.votefromabroad.org/ so you can vote in the upcoming elections!