August 08, 2019

Democratic Debate Bingo!

For those who missed it: earlier this week we had our Debate Bingo Fundraiser, where friends gathered to watch clips from the debate and mark their Bingo squares in support of Democrats Abroad. Throughout the clips, players marked  squares that included both iconic and infamous soundbites, heated topics, clashes between candidates, and more. As these recent debates have brought forth an array of mixed feelings for our members and Democrats altogether, the Bingo fundraiser was an opportunity for those to meet and articulate their opinions, frustrations, and hopes for the Democratic party in the next year. 

That being said, we are more prepared than ever to hit the ground running in 2020 thanks to everyone’s support and enthusiasm on Tuesday. Stay on the lookout for our upcoming events this fall, and we look forward to seeing you all as we Get Out The Vote!