December 08, 2020

Announcing our two new Communications Co-Chairs

Jamie McAfee

I am thrilled to begin the good, necessary work alongside Stayce Camparo as the Communications Co-Chair for the Women's Caucus. A big thank you to former co-chairs Carin Elam and Stacey Kruckel for supporting us during this transition. I am currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the summer of 2019, I moved from Denver, Colorado with my partner and young daughter, two cats and only a few personal items. We feel incredibly grateful to live smack in the middle of this gorgeous medieval city. 

My years back home were spent in the classroom as a teacher and district leader in Littleton Public Schools. I started freelance writing, contributing to local magazines as a side hustle to teaching. Additionally, I completed my M.Ed. in Educational Policy with an emphasis on Global Studies as I am fascinated with the inner workings of international school systems. Once we settled in Scotland, I immediately reached out to Democrats Abroad to ask what I could do to help during this historic presidential election. I've been politically involved since I was a child and come from a family of activists. This year I spent the majority of my time working with the Vote From Abroad team and the Women's Caucus Candidate Information team. Seeing our efforts pay off in November reinvigorates my desire to continue this necessary work into 2021.


Stayce Camparo

In 2012, my career as a professional ballet dancer brought me to Augsburg, Germany where I met my, now, husband who was an actor in the same theater where I danced. I retired from the stage in 2014, and went back to school to obtain a B.A. in Psychology from Harvard University’s Extension School. My focus, as a current research assistant there, is in family and child policy, and I write and research extensively in this area for scientific journals and my own research review. I currently reside in Düsseldorf with my husband, two children, and rescue pooch, where I am an active community participant, including volunteering for the Parent’s Council of my children’s preschool.

My passion for civic involvement has always been a big part of how I see myself – I created and ran my own Arts organization while living in Kansas City, and participated as a delegate during the negotiations for the Kansas City Ballet to become unionized. This passion led me to volunteer for the Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus this past summer, writing and researching for the newsletter and helping out the communications team with social media. I am truly excited to work alongside Jamie McAfee as Co-Chair for Communications to continue the important work of the GWC. Thank you Stacey Kruckel and Carin Elam for the mentorship, and for your continued support for, and dedication to, Democrats Abroad.