Saturday, September 23

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Learn to Phonebank Workshop for AP - Sept 23


Learn to Phone Bank Workshop

  • Workshop on Sat Sept 23, at an AP friendly time
  • WHY?
    • because phone banking is the most effective means for ensuring our members vote in each and every election.

This training is foundational for all volunteers wanting to help with phone banking this year or next - join this workshop to learn the basics and then get started calling members who vote in key elections!

All are welcome!

Help us broader our reach and deepen our impact - Please bring another US voter from your country committee

This training is hosted by the Asia-Pacific team

  • Sat Sept 23 => Asia Pacific Local Times
  • Auckland: 4PM
  • Sydney: 2PM
  • Tokyo/Seoul: 1pm
  • Bali/Perth/Hong Kong/Beijing/Taipei/Singapore: 12noon
  • Hanoi/Bangkok: 11AM
  • New Delhi: 9:30AM
  • Kazakhstan 9AM

Facilitated by Eric Gondree, DA Japan, Vice Chair

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Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 01:00 PM Tokyo Time


Eric Gondree
[email protected]

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