April 24 Arizona 8th Congressional District Special Election

Voters in Maricopa County, Arizona: show your resistance to Trump and the Republican agenda. Let's elect Democrat Hiral Tipirneni to Congress and flip former Rep. Trent Franks' old seat to the Democrats! All overseas voters in Arizona's 8th Congressional District can vote in this Federal election.

Your vote can be the difference! Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb just won in a heavily Republican district in Pennsylvania by only 627 votes. This was a stunning 20-point swing, and we can do it again in Arizona.

Request an Absentee Ballot

  1. Go to www.votefromabroad.org and fill out the Registration/Request form to register to vote and/or request a ballot. Click "Start Here" and fill out the form.
  2. Print and Sign the form.
  3. Send the form to your election official in Arizona:
    Arizona allows the signed form to be submitted by EMAIL, FAX or MAIL, but it must be 
    • Received by Monday, March 26 for a Voter Registration or
    • Received by Friday, April 13 for a Ballot Request.

Requesting your ballot NOW will also help ensure you receive a ballot for every election in 2018—including the General Election in November, the Primaries and any other Special or Runoff Elections in which you are eligible to vote.

Voting your Ballot

When you get your ballot—or if you have already received it, be sure to mark your vote and send it in right away:

  • Your voted ballot can be returned by EMAIL, FAX or MAIL or uploaded ONLINE with prior approval, but it must be 
    • Received by Tuesday, April 24 at 7pm (Arizona local time).
  • Concerned You Won't Get Your Ballot In Time? Vote now using the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB).
    • Same ballot return deadline applies.
    • You can also use the FWAB to register to vote at the same time, but only if your completed FWAB is Received by Monday, March 26.
    • For more information, go to www.democratsabroad.org/fwab.


Do you know someone who votes in Arizona's 8th Congressional District, stateside or abroad? Please share this information with them, and encourage them to vote. A blue tide floats all boats! 🌊