The way God brings injustice to the surface.
       As the virus swirls into the core of the world.
                    We huddle in our homes.

Reviewing the martyring of one-before our very eyes.
 Seeing for ourselves the vile deed doers of America.

   Now-to cleanse the disease from the ranks of the
 American Culture. While some shudder at the fear of
   Their ending of a place Not destined to be theirs.

    Out into the streets into the mist of the virus of
 disease and hatred. Under the Protection of God-moving
                    The time past 400+ years.

 Into a clear meadow of Spirituality and Brotherly love.
                    Get up-Do something!

     Away! Away! You vile deed doers Away! Away!


(c) 2020 “GET UP -DO SOMETHING” by Paul S. Hickman - All Rights Reserved


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