Into the Realm of Discourse



Finally, off on the long journey to a familiar land.
Fearful, yet unafraid of the long wait to see her.
As I remember, surely not the same as I left, but will
Still caress the spirit with renewed freshness.
To see souls wondering, lost in a morass of ideas.
Seeking, a solution for the pain, that follows.
The poor judgments, grasping for answers from other
Lands. While looking far way, will not provide
The answer, nor the good life again.
Life passes, without clear thoughts or dreams
To shed light for ideas, as we trod into a
New epoch. As the cosmos rushes to
Escape that which is not to be escaped
And the windows slowly close....


Copyright (c) 2012 Paul S Hickman, All Right Reserved


Paul S. Hickman from Greece - Read Paul's Bio

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