The Reunion



As the rays of the sun, eclipsed the night.
The journeys to a distant place starts.

And we came, some by car, some by plane,
Some by train, and some thought to walk.

Drifting in from the North, the South, the
East and the West. We are not strangers
Among strangers.

Gathering to share the wisdom, experiences
And the knowledge of thousands of years.

Guided by teachers of the ages, dedicated
To prepare and enlightening us for these

Oh, wise ones of the past. We struggle to
Meet your yesteryear's challenges. As they
Fade from our minds, and we fight to recover
Them. But are still misty, dim, and physically

Our hearts, feeling faint as you slip away.
Regretfully, even the scolding and your words
Of wisdom are much needed - now.

But your spirits, still guides us through the
Unknown wilderness. Even though everything is
Changed, and not the way you left it or taught

Your voices will continue to guide and console
Us. As we stretch to reach the epitome of our

With your desires in our minds and souls. We
Come closer to each other. And even though you
Are not here, we can feel your presence. As we
Depart once more to the cosmos.

As the time passes ... and you our ancestors cry
In the distance -with open arms.


Copyright (C) 1994 Paul S Hickman All Rights Reserved


Paul S. Hickman from Greece - Read Paul's Bio

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