The World We Live In

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The World we live in doesn't view us as we are.
It sees us through the scope of the biases that plague it
We are judged through a filter changing from person to person
We are not truly seen
Merely perceived
Presumed to be- and therefore, to the World we become

The World we live in doesn't view us as we are.
It sees us as is necessary for the continuations of the narrative bought into by the most people with the best weapons and the loudest voices.
The World decides how we define success, failure, truth, faith, our identity by putting us in categories to make us easier to manage.
He, She, They, Them, Non-binary, Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Monogamous, Polyamorous, Pan-sexual, Asexual, Man, Woman, Black, White, Brown
Defined as therefore limited to

The World we live in doesn't view us as we are.
The World doesn’t view us.

People do

The World is an intangible set of ideas that we, People, have chosen to define ourselves and others by
We created these constructs so we can redefine them- if we want
And we must choose to
We must decide that the frames, boxes, cages- we have infused with ourselves to form our identities are indeed malleable.
We must want to accept more than our own ideals if we wish to share this world.
Because it does not only belong to one narrative- IT IS MADE OF MANY

The world we live in has People who don’t view us as we are.
But we can learn to see each other.
If we so choose.
And I hope we do.

Because I want the world I live in, to see me as I am.


Alexandra Smith


Alexandra Smith from China - Read Alexandra's Bio

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