Chicago Mayoral Runoff Election

The Chicago Mayoral runoff election will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Overseas voters who are eligible to vote in the runoff can access information using this link:

Voters who reside in Chicago can access information using this link:


Brandon Johnson (Cook County Commissioner [2018-present], age 46)

“I will chart a new strategy for public safety, rather than relying on the same failed approaches that have brought trauma to communities across the city. I will work with police and first responders to invest in community-based interventions that de-escalate conflict, reduce violence and make our neighborhoods safer.”

If elected Mayor, he has proposed:

  • training and promoting 200 new police detectives
  • addressing crime by redirecting resources into mental health and education
  • investing in education, training, school safety, mental health services and jobs
  • supporting economic growth that is environmentally sustainable
  • revitalizing neighborhood business districts and industrial developments to provide jobs
  • improving CTA safety and reliability, creating bus lanes and more dedicated bike lanes
  • a ‘Rideshare Living Wage’ to protect gig workers, such as ride share and delivery app drivers
  • taxing profits of corporations doing >50% of their work in the city

Chicago Teachers Union, United Working Families, SEIU Healthcare, Better Streets Chicago


Paul Vallas (Chicago Public Schools, Chief Executive Officer [1995-2001], age 69)

“Public safety is the fundamental right of every American. It is a civil right and it is the principal responsibility of government. We will make Chicago the safest city in America.”

If elected Mayor, he has proposed:

  • hiring 1790 more police officers and ending overtime initiatives
  • taking the “handcuffs” off of police
  • replacing Chicago Police Dept. leadership, and increasing arrests and prosecutions
  • reinstating a community policing strategy, with officers assigned to patrol police beats
  • hiring Chicago Police officers to replace existing CTA mass transit officers
  • creating a school voucher program, and lengthening the school day and year
  • considering environmental impact in major economic development agreements
  • creating a City Land Trust, to acquire control of closed industrial sites and vacant property,
    and turn them over to developers and community organizations for development

Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, Gazette Editorial Board