Democrats Abroad Recommends to Nat Taxpayer Advocate Improvements to IRS handling of Americans abroad

Democrats Abroad has written to the IRS National Taxpayer Advocate with recommendations for improving IRS service to Americans Abroad.  Download our letter here.

The IRS National Taxpayer Advocate publishes an annual and a mid-year report with data, observations and recommendations for improvement of the practices and procedures of the IRS.  The Advocate published the mid-year report on 30 June which gave Democrats Abroad an opportunity to provide comment and to make recommendations for the 2022 annual report, known as The Purple Book.

Our letter raises a great many IRS matters of importance to Americans living abroad that we hope the National Taxpayer Advocate will include in the 2022 Purple Book, including:

  • Access by Americans abroad to their IRS files
  • Access to IRS support
  • Eliminating barriers to e-filing from abroad
  • Special problems for American families abroad
  • IRS systemic assessment abuses
  • Tax administration, including our modification to filing for Americans living, working, retiring and paying taxes abroad who have no U.S. tax liability.

Click here to download our letter to the National Taxpayer Advocate

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