March 05, 2020

*Updated* Covid-19 Statement from Democrats Abroad

*Voting center changes updated March 5, 9:30am EST*

Democrats Abroad is closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus disease Covid-19, and monitoring local government response and guidance as well as updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the State Department.

In instances where local government officials call for public event closures where we have planned to hold Global Presidential Primary events, Democrats Abroad is prepared to cancel these events as necessary.

As of March 5, this has impacted voting centers as follows:

  • China: All voting centers canceled. Members encouraged to vote remotely.
  • France: Location and time for voting center in Paris on Saturday, March 7 has been changed. Updated event listing.
  • Italy: All Milan voting centers canceled. All voting events at the University College of Rome have been canceled, March 7 voting center in Rome to remain open. 
  • South Korea: All voting centers canceled. Members encouraged to vote remotely.
  • UAE: Voting center location in Dubai has changed, and event start times have changed for voting centers in Abu Dhabi. Please see UAE upcoming event details for more information.

Democrats Abroad has notified local members, as well as the Democratic National Committee and each presidential campaign team.

“We’re working closely with our country committee leaders, voting center managers, global volunteers and the DNC to ensure that our primary remains as accessible as possible, while also following local guidelines,” explained Julia Bryan, Chair, Democrats Abroad, “Our local teams have worked hard to put together these in-person opportunities, but in impacted locations are now shifting towards helping voters cast their ballots remotely.”

Voters can visit to download their ballot and return it via email or fax, as well as postal mail. Those who need additional assistance can contact [email protected], and on-call volunteers will get in touch as soon as possible.

Democrats Abroad local leaders are also providing a range of additional support for Americans in the area, including local hotlines and response teams for voter questions. Voters can also review our list of voting center locations, which notes which voting centers have been impacted.

“We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely and will be updating those members who may be impacted,” added Amanda Mohar, Global Communications Director, Democrats Abroad. “Through our remote ballot options, voting will still be available, no matter what.”


Democrats Abroad is the official organization of the Democratic Party for United States citizens living permanently or temporarily abroad. The organization is given state-level recognition by the Democratic National Committee, with eight positions on the Democratic National Committee, and sends a voting delegation to the Democratic National Convention to select our presidential candidate. For more information, visit