February 22, 2023

Message from your Chair: Run for something!

If you haven’t thought about it yet - please consider running for office!  DA Japan Elections committees kicked off in early Feb. The nomination process runs from Feb 15th through March 31st. Why not throw your hat in the ring? 

It’s a great opportunity for long-term and new members to be the difference you want to see. I encourage any members wanting to: 1) know more about the political system, 2) impact the party platform policy and/or 3) meet new people - to run for office at the national or chapter level. 

Leaders at both the national and chapter levels will ensure Democrats stay in power in 2024.  Our Kansai, Tokai, and Kanto chapters are the heart and soul of the DAJ community, and their health is a direct reflection of our national organization’s health and reach. That’s why we need members throughout Japan to participate.Nomination_Social_Media_Art_.jpg

No, I’m not running for office again. Democracy is a shared responsibility, and no single person should stick around too long. But I am available to answer questions and support any members interested in running.  Stop by the monthly Chat with the Chair on Mon, Feb 27 and Mon, March 27 or drop me an email anytime to [email protected]!  I’m happy to have a coffee in person or virtually with all/any members.

However, our officers' current term is not over. Besides volunteer meetups, voter outreach, and speakeasies, we have two global meetings in spring and our DAJ Annual General meeting on April 15. We intend to end our term with a smooth transition.  We’ll have a supportive orientation so no one starts cold, then step back so that new leaders can pursue their DAJ goals. 

DAJ is as strong and impactful as our members are active. 

Why not step up to make a difference? 

Any questions? Drop me a line: [email protected]

Ready to make a difference?  The Democrats Abroad Japan home page has links to each of the four nominations announcements HERE: