Welcome to Democrats Abroad Japan, your local voice in the US Democratic Party.  We build communities of like-minded American citizens throughout Japan to engage voters in US elections.   We are an all-volunteer organization composed of an Executive Committee, Communications, Get Out The Vote, Events, and Fundraising committees, and regional chapters.  

We would love to have you support our programs! What interests you most? Social events? Getting people to vote? Writing? Sharing your knowledge or experience? Getting DAJ connected to other people in your area? Whatever your interest or skills, DAJ needs you!  (you can always email us at [email protected])


Please join us on Slack – an online work-sharing platform, where our leaders and teams do the planning. 

DA Japan publishes a bimonthly email newsletter, with information on all our events and election news.  We also run 2 monthly events: 

DaJ Speakeasy, an online social gathering on the 2nd Thursday of each month, and the

DAJ Action Meeting, a monthly workshop on a specific pressing issue, on the 4th Thursday. We explore how you can make a difference.   

DAJapan will resume in-person events as COVID restrictions relax in Japan. In the past, we have organized and participated in social and political action events, such as the annual summer BBQ at the US embassy, the Women's March, and the Black Lives Matter Tokyo march.  Our chapters host local events throughout Japan, including book clubs, happy hours and Fourth of July parties.  Our local Thanksgiving events in particular are very popular.   

We maintain a calendar of events, DAJ, and of the larger Democrats Abroad organization.  Click on the calendar image to see the latest calendar:


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This is your party. Let’s get started!

Dave Brauer

Secretary, DA Japan

[email protected]  


DA Japan Leadership:

Sarajean Rossitto
| Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan
Elliott Davis
| Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan
David Brauer
| Secretary, Democrats Abroad Japan
Regina Salathe
| Treasurer & DPCA Voting Representative, Democrats Abroad Japan
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  • News

    January 2022 DAJ Newsletter

    DA Japan Wide Logo--

    2022 Jan Newsletter contents:

    1. Message from your national officers
    2. A note of Thanks
    3. A small action you can take today!
      1. Request your ballots for 2022 now
      2. Calling for 2022 Team Members
      3. Support Elections Outreach
    4. Upcoming DA Japan Events
      1. Speakeasy
      2. Get Out the Vote Training
      3. 5th Annual Women’s March - online
    5. Upcoming DA Global Events
      1. Texas Voter Online Assistance Helpdesk
    6. Past Events
      1. Voting Rights, Swing States & Justice Inequality, joint event DA Global Black Caucus, BLM Tokyo
    7. Community Interest

    🌟Message from your national officers

    Happy New Year!

    2022 is here. Let us start with bold aspirations and plans of action. After the success of last year's thanksgiving parties, we will cautiously move towards limited in-person and hybrid events, while continuing online events to involve people throughout Japan and the region.

    Let us all start with 1 simple action - review your voter registration at www.votefromabroad.org


    • We have a busy year ahead of us so be part of the fun!
    • We’d love to have you on our Get Out the Vote, fundraising or events and outreach team!
    • Event details posted below

    We have several exciting events coming up but want to make sure everyone takes the time to participate on Sat Jan 29 where we will bring people throughout Japan together for a town hall which will be preceded by a GOTV training and followed by local Shinnenkai (New Years Party) on Jan 29 hybrid, various locations.

    • GOTV training 2-3:00 pm (hybrid) Find out how rewarding it is to reach American voters
    • Town Hall 3:30- 5:30 (hybrid)
    • Shinnenkai (location specific, in-person)
    • Details below

    Get out the vote (GOTV) training is a must to build a bigger team throughout Japan! Want to have an impact in the midterms - join a training, meet other cool people and be part of our team. where ever you, you are need

    • Get out the vote training Jan 15 12noon online for all Japan
    • Get out the vote phone banking training online - Tue Feb 8 7pm - for all Japan
    • Details below

    DA Japan is taking the lead with a new online program done in collaboration with DA Korea, DA China and supported by other Asia Pacific DA leaders.

    • JAN THEME: The 5th Annual Women’s March Jan 20th 8pm - online (HOST: DA Japan)
    • FEB THEME: Black History month, details forthcoming (HOST: DA Korea)

    We look forward to seeing you all at one of these events - Together we make change happen!

    ❤️ From your DA Japan Executive Committee

    Sarajean (Chair), Elliott (Vice Chair), Dave (Secretary), Regina(Treasurer)

    Our DAJ Welcome Page has been renewed with a link to our calendar of events, HERE:.

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    December 2021 DAJ newsletter

    DA Japan Wide Logo

    1. Message from your national officers
      1. Thank you for 2021 and looking forward to 2022
    2. News from the Executive Committee
    3. Small Actions You can take Today
      1. Get Ready to Register to vote in 2022
      2. sign up to be a 2022 team member
      3. Donate for the 2022 elections outreach
    4. A Big Thanks
    5. Upcoming DA Japan Events
      1. Speakeasy
      2. Get Out the Vote Training - in person
      3. 5th Annual Women's March
      4. Town Hall
      5. Get Out the Vote Training- online
    6. Upcoming DA Global Events


    🌟Message from your national officers

    Thank you for your support in 2021. Over the past several months we have been preparing for 2022, when we will be very busy with primaries and midterms. Volunteers and committee members have been busy calling and mailing members getting things in order for 2022.

    Did you know … only 8% of eligible American voters in Japan voted in 2020? Make your voices heard by getting involved no matter where you are in Japan. Please scroll down to find out more!

    More than ever Democrats Abroad matters. The party has been busy focusing on passing the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, getting a total of more than 190 million Americans fully vaccinated, and delivering much-needed relief for working families, and we have an Overseas Citizens Tax Relief Bill (see below). But Our work is far from complete as we face an uphill battle in 2022. We need to push our party from the inside and our members of congress - Democrat or Republican - no matter where we are from, to bring about social change. Want to have an impact in 2022? Get involved by contacting us at [email protected]. Or fill in the Get involved with DA Japan 2022! Form HERE:

    We look forward to seeing you all

    • Get out the vote training Jan 15 in person - Tokyo
    • The 5th annual women’s march Jan 20th - online in collaboration with DA Korea, China and more
    • The Townhall and Shinenkai (New Years Party) on Jan 29 - hybrid various locations
    • Get out the vote training Jan 31 - online - all Japan

    but before that be sure to relax over the holidays - expect an action-packed 2022!

    Let the old year end and the New Year begin with bold aspirations.

    • Unified Action!
    • In the face of a closely divided congress, and an opposition happy to cause chaos, death, suffering, and flirt with financial collapse in order to win, we have not yet achieved many of our cherished objectives. The answer is not to give up, but fight the long fight.
    • 2022 is a blank upon which we can write our own DAJ story. Let our word for 2022 be UNITY and let come together to win in 2022

    Happy New Year!

    Together we make change happen!

    Our DAJ Welcome Page has been renewed with a link to our calendar of events. Key events are also listed below - we hope you will

    Join us!

    ❤️ From your DA Japan Executive Committee

    Sarajean (Chair), Elliott (Vice Chair), Dave (Secretary), Regina(Treasurer)

    🌟 In Person Events Starting Soon

    DAJ will be making the slow move back to having in-person events from Jan 2022 starting with our Jan 29 town hall, an in person and online hybrid event that will be followed by local shinenka (New Year Party)i. From Feb we hope to also move towards in-person speakeasy-socializing events. But we are still looking for venues. Do you have a space - like a meeting room, café or bar - that can be available to host events such as these? Know of one? If so, contact us at [email protected]

    🌟A small action you can take today!

    1️⃣ Get Ready to Register to vote in 2022

    We will contact you again in the New Year, but the UOCAVA (The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) guarantees that overseas voters can vote in Federal Elections if they reregister to vote/request a ballot each calendar year in which they vote. Democrats Abroad has a very easy to use web site to do this, including being able to upload a photo of your signature, for states that allow it. After January 1st, go to votefromabroad.org


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    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 08:00 PM Time · 8 rsvps

    5th Annual Women’s March, online!

    Abortion rights: no going back, we’ve got to act.

    Jan 20, 8-10 pm JST, 

    Panel discussion on what has been happening, life before Roe, and why voting and policies matter.  This event will include discussion, tips on actions everyone can take, and wraps up with time for networking and discussion.


    • Elizabeth Blackbourn, DA China Chair
    • Linda Crawford, DA Japan Kansai Chapter activist
    • Ayaka Dowdy, Editor Uprizine, feminist Zine by students at Temple University Japan Campus
    • Moderator Sarajean Rossitto, DA Japan

    Don’t turn back the clock: #AbortionIsHealthcare

    The first in a series of Democrats Abroad Asia Pacific online events organized by DA members  from Japan, Korea and China, with support from throughout the Asia Pacific.


    Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 02:00 PM Tokyo Time · 3 rsvps

    DAJ DAY: GoTV Training, Hybrid Session

    Get Out the Vote Training as part of our DAJ DAY on January 29th.  

    Learn about how to help US Citizens navigate the choppy waters need to register to vote and get their ballots in 2022. 

    In-person training will be held at the venue for our DAJ Town Hall in Tokyo from 3:30, but all are welcome to join online.  RSVP for either in-person, or online.