Welcome to Democrats Abroad Japan, your local voice in the US Democratic Party.  We build communities of like-minded American citizens throughout Japan to engage voters in US elections.   We are an all-volunteer organization composed of an Executive Committee, Communications, Get Out The Vote, Events, and Fundraising committees, and regional chapters.  

We would love to have you support our programs! What interests you most? Social events? Getting people to vote? Writing? Sharing your knowledge or experience? Getting DAJ connected to other people in your area? Whatever your interest or skills, DAJ needs you!  (you can always email us at [email protected])


Please join us on Slack – an online work-sharing platform, where our leaders and teams do the planning. 

DA Japan publishes a bimonthly email newsletter, with information on all our events and election news.  We also run 2 monthly events: 

DaJ Speakeasy, an online social gathering on the 2nd Thursday of each month, and the

DAJ Action Meeting, a monthly workshop on a specific pressing issue, on the 4th Thursday. We explore how you can make a difference.   

DAJapan will resume in-person events as COVID restrictions relax in Japan. In the past, we have organized and participated in social and political action events, such as the annual summer BBQ at the US embassy, the Women's March, and the Black Lives Matter Tokyo march.  Our chapters host local events throughout Japan, including book clubs, happy hours and Fourth of July parties.  Our local Thanksgiving events in particular are very popular.   

We maintain a calendar of events, DAJ, and of the larger Democrats Abroad organization.  Click on the calendar image to see the latest calendar:


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This is your party. Let’s get started!

Dave Brauer

Secretary, DA Japan

[email protected]  


DA Japan Leadership:

sarajean rossitto
| Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan, GOTV Coordinator Asia Pacific
Matthew Axvig
| Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan; Kanto Chair
Regina Salathe
| Treasurer, Democrats Abroad Japan
David Brauer
| Secretary, Democrats Abroad Japan
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  • News

    Democrats Abroad Japan 2022 Bylaws Election Results

    The 2022 DAJ Bylaws Committee reports the results of the Bylaws Amendments Election as follows:

    28 Total Votes
    Question #1 - Removal of extraneous "the" - 100.00% In The Affirmative
    28 Aye
    0 Nay

    Question #2 change to require chapter chairs to make all reasonable efforts to appoint or elect a full slate of officers - 78.26% In The Affirmative
    23 Aye
    5 Nay

    Question 3 - Addressing the conflict between the DAJ Bylaws which allowed appointment of ExCom vacancies, and the DA Charter which requires DPCA Representatives who vote in the international governing body to be elected, by requiring elections to fill vacancies - 92.04% In The Affirmative
    26 Aye
    2 Nay
    As a result all three measures passed.  Your National Secretary observed the counting, and then certified the results.  These results remain provisional for 30 days to allow for challenges. They will be incorporated into the Bylaws. 
    First a big thank you to the DAJ Bylaws Committee of 2022, Leslie Anne Rogers (chair), Raymond Terhune (vice chair), Max Sternberg (National Counsel), John Baumlin (DPCA Rep)., Regina Salathe(National Treasurer) 
    And a big thank you to all the members who voted in this election making it a success.  
    Dave Brauer
    Secretary, Democrats Abroad Japan
    Additional Message from John Baumlin, previous DAJ Chair and current DPCA Rep
    Ready for another round of voting? The experimental direct democracy ballot recommended by the Bylaws Committee is ready!
    This experiment in Direct Democracy was approved by the DAJ 2022 Bylaws Committee.

    As one of DA Japan's DPCA Members, I will be taking feedback and through the democratic process, amendments, and motioning process, attempt to follow the results provided in this form and an explanation of the results. The outcomes and challenges will be compiled for the next Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad Japan for consideration of the general membership. We're hoping 20 people submit their ballot for quorum and/or feedback to validate the experiment, so if you cast a Bylaws Ballot, cast a ballot for our State Party's future before the Global Meeting this week!
    John Baumlin,
    DAJ DPCA Representative
    Videos of the pre-meetings can be found here:
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    DAJ Early May 2022 Newsletter

    DA Japan Wide Logo--

    2022 May 8 Newsletter contents:

    1. Message from your national officers
    2. Small action - DAJ Bylaws - May 10th Deadline
    3. Leadership Position Openings
    4. Upcoming DA Japan Events
    5. DA regional and Global Meeting for May

    🌟Message from your national officers

    Getting back rested from the Golden Week holiday, we reach out to you, our members, with three key issues that require our action: the Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe, Get Out the Vote and the DAJapan Bylaws Ballot.

    First, the FINAL call for Democrats Abroad Japan Bylaws Amendment Ballots! Ballots must be returned before midnight on May 10th. Please find your ballots HERE: at least 15 more ballots are needed to validate the election.

    When being questioned under oath during the confirmation hearings, the three most recently appointed Supreme Court Justices agreed Roe was the law of the land. However, the recently leaked Supreme Court draft opinion with its sweeping rejection of Roe and privacy rights should not come as any surprise to DA Japan members, who have been watching the erosion of rights under conservative leadership in the US.

    This must be a call to action NOW! Voting in the fall elections is not enough. We must raise our voices about the issues that matter to us throughout the year, at all levels of government. This draft opinion represents more than the right to women’s healthcare choices. It demonstrates the fragility of rights protections, and threat to privacy laws, which will impact your legal access to birth control, marriage equality rights, gender and sexual minorities rights, interracial marriage and more. This is not just about access to abortion. This must be our wake-up call. We welcome the new members who have signed up this past week. In response, your leadership is calling an action meeting online: Now what? Roe, privacy and the Midterms on May 10th 8~9:30pm RSVP HERE:

    GOTV: calling DA members voting in key battleground states will continue until early July. DA Japan will have our own phone banking campaign later in the month and we need ALL our member engaged! The reason we exist is to affect policy and change election outcomes. You can volunteer from anywhere in Japan to help get out the vote. There are many ways to get involved - let us know what you can do HERE:

    ❤️ From your DA Japan Executive Committee

    Sarajean (Chair), Matt (Vice Chair), Dave (Secretary), Regina (Treasurer)

    DA Japan - representing American Voters in Japan.

    Together, We Win!

    Know Your Rights, Register & Vote! https://www.votefromabroad.org

    Have you seen the NEW DA Japan DONATION PAGE?

    Help us reach new and more voters by sharing this newsletter with all your American friends!


    🌟 One Action you can take today - turn in your DAJ Bylaws Ballot

    There are 3 amendments to the DAJ Charter on the ballot. Please help us decide how to manage the organization. Voting is open through May 10th. Please find your ballots HERE:

    🌟DA Japan leadership openings - At large positions

    We currently have at least two at-large positions open => representing Northeast Honshu and Hokkaido. The role of at-large members:

    1. work on getting out the vote in their regions,
    2. active involvement in monthly advisory board meetings - which includes the executive committee leadership and the leadership from the chapters as well as leadership from the main committees.
    3. You must reside in the region you represent

    The Chair is soliciting nominations for potential appointees through the end of May. If you’re interested or can introduce a member, please contact Sarajean ASAP.

    🌟Upcoming DA Japan Events

    1️⃣ SOS Meeting online: Now what? Roe, privacy and the midterms.

    Tuesday, May 10th, 8:00-9:00pm meeting online: An open conversation for DAJ members. This event will consist of three key parts: 1) facilitated discussion, 2) sharing ideas from the global women’s caucus, 3) next steps and action items we will take.





    2️⃣ Online Speakeasy Thurs May 12, 7:30~10 pm JST

    As always, bring your favorite beverage and hang out with friends old and new.





    3️⃣ DA Japan Advisory Board Meeting

    Sun. May 15th, 10am to 12noon Japan time

    See your leaders in action! Key discussion items 1) GOTV 2) calling campaign 3) chapters 4) new leaders 5) DAJ Day


    4️⃣ AP GOTV Phonebanking Action hour

    Sun. May 15th, 12noon Japan time

    Online phone banking party with people from throughout the Asia Pacific region. RSVP HERE:





    5️⃣ DA Japan Global Resolutions Discussion #2

    Tuesday, May 17th, 8pm

    DA Japan review of bylaws and charter amendments in preparation for the global meeting

    This is your chance to influence the DPCA and DNC stance on issues - feel free to join and share any issues that matter to you! RSVP HERE:


    • Asia Pacific monthly regional meeting Sun. May 15th, 3pm
    • Asia Pacific DNC elections Sat. May 22nd, 2pm
    • DA Global Meeting May 22-23 JST Open to all DA members. Online via WebEx.

    DA Global Meeting Info HERE:


    For $5 a month - just 1 bowl of ramen - Can have a big impact for DA and DAJ!

    • Calling all DAJ members 2X per year => $3000 / 30 people @ $100 per year or 60 people @ $5 per month
    • THUS => If just 30 people gave $100 per year or if 60 people contributed $5 per month, we could call all our members 2X this year to get them to vote.

    Even if you don't have the time to call, you can help us by making a contribution right on the DA Japan DONATION PAGE HERE. No more need to make bank transfers!

    DA Japan - representing American Voters in Japan.

    Together, We Win!


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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 01:00 PM Tokyo Time · 4 rsvps
    Yoyogi Park in shibuya-ku, Japan

    Meet the Vice Chair Picnic


    Join us for our 2nd in person event of the year: picnic in Yoyogi park - bring food and drinks to share. More details forthcoming!

    Bring food and drink to share —-

    Meet at 1pm at Yoyogi Park Clock Tower

    Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 11:00 AM Time · 1 rsvp

    AP GOTV Monthly Meeting

    At the GOTV leaders monthly meeting, we will share our newly developed GOTV plans, ideas for building upon what we have already done this year and our strategies for getting out the vote in the midterms. Find out more about what is working / not working in each context and develop our know-how.

    There are more than 500,000 eligible voters in the Asia Pacific Region who are not members of Democrats Abroad AND most of them did NOT vote in 2020. We can really make a difference in the 2022 Midterms by reaching out to just a sliver of these people!

    Basic agenda for May 29 2022

    1. Meeting Purpose
    2. GOTV plans for the rest of the year 
    3. GENERATING MOVEMENT: phone banking!
    4. Trainings and materials 
    5. Collaboration on events
    6. Actions items and next steps 

    Local Times => Sunday May 29 11am Japan time

    • Auckland: 2pm
    • Sydney: 12noon
    • Tokyo/Seoul: 11:00am
    • Perth/Hong Kong/Beijing/Taipei/Singapore/Bali: 10am
    • Hanoi/Bangkok: 9am
    • New Delhi: 7:30
    • Western Kazakhstan 7am
    • Facilitated by Sarajean, DA Japan &  AP GOTV Coordinator and all you leaders in AP

    RSVP to get the Zoom link