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DAJ is the official country committee for Democrats living temporarily or permanently in Japan. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events. We have events planned throughout the year. Anyone interested in joining our events or volunteering is encouraged to get in touch.

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    Thanksgiving Party

    Democrats had a lot to be thankful for this year--we won a majority in the House of Representatives, and we now have some breathing room AND someone who can do their job in Congress by investigating the accusations against the President and hold him accountable if it is shown he acted illegally. 

    Democrats from throughout Tokyo and its environs met up at Two Dogs Taproom at Roppongi to celebrate our holiday and discuss politics and the things we are thankful for. 

    We also presented Sherry Miyasaka with the Volunteer of the Year award for her varied and extensive volunteer efforts on DAJ's behalf. Besides helping plan and set up the Global Meeting in May, Sherry was crucial to the Get Out the Vote efforts. She joined other volunteers to attend various events and hand out voter registration materials, and she made more then 1000 calls asking DA members worldwide to vote. 

    Linda Gould was also presented with a certificate of appreciation for her volunteer work on the Global Meeting and as Kanto Chair.

    Enjoy the holidays, then join us for activities, events and actions in 2019 to prepare for the next election.

    Happy holidays! 

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    Midterm Election Watch 2018

    Photo by Yoshiaki Miura (Japan Times)

    Democrats from across the Kanto region met at Two Dogs Taproom to follow election results in real time. 

    The results were slow coming in, but we started with some bad news: Beto O'Rourke was defeated by Ted Cruz, Amy McGrath lost in Kentucky, and Andrew Gillum lost the Governor's race in Florida. Democrats were surging in the House races, but it was clear the Republicans would maintain control of the Senate, and possibly gain seats.

    Two days later, the election watch is over, but the races are not. It appears there may be a recount in the Florida gubernatorial race as Rick Scott's lead is falling, and falling steadily. Although Brian Kemp--the candidate who seems to think he can oversee the election in which he is a candidate--has declared himself the winner, Stacy Abrams has NOT conceded and will not concede until every ballot is counted. And it seems her tenacity has paid off; the margin of Kemp's "win" is dropping and dropping. It appears there will be a run off, and the good news is that Kemp has resigned as Secretary of State, so he won't be overseeing the counting of remaining ballots in this election or those in a potential runoff. And it just may be possible that Kyrsten Sinema may win the Senate seat in Arizona.

    Democrats hava a lot to be proud of. We won some key governorships. We won the house, we held our own in places that had long been Republican strongholds, and there will now be over 100 women in Congress. The 2019 Congress will be more diverse thanks to wins by Native and African Americans, young people, gay people, muslims, liberals and moderates. THIS is how Democrats will change the face of Congress and America. 

    So, today, we celebrate the wins we have, we mourn what could have been if our other candidates had won. But tomorrow, we start all over again, because there are still major battles to be fought and still much work to be done.

    Please join us.

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    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 07:30 PM · 1 rsvp
    The Aldgate British Pub in Shibuya, Japan

    DAJ Kanto Speakeasy and Write Your Reps

    Join us for food, drink, conversation and writing to our representatives to make your voice heard in D.C.
    The DAJ Kanto Speakeasy is held on the second Thursday of each month, 7:30 - 9:30pm, at the Aldgate Pub in Shibuya. See you there!

    Sunday, December 16, 2018 at 04:00 PM

    2nd Annual Holiday Party

    Come and join Democrats Abroad Japan, Tokai Chapter for their annual Holiday Party on December 16 at 4 pm. We have a delicious dinner with turkey, stuffing, soup, veggies, apple pie, and other wonderful food. We also have a present exchange, so bring one wrapped gift priced at 500 yen or less. Finally, Santa is coming! So bring your kids along so they can see Santa and eat for only 500 yen! Adults are just 2,500 yen!

    This is a family-friendly event so bring the whole family!