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Welcome to Democrats Abroad Japan!

Democrats Abroad Japan (DAJ) is the official country committee for all Democrats living abroad in Japan.  All English teachers and all salaried workers. All spouses and children. All refugees and students abroad for the first time. The goals of our organization are to provide you the tools and means by which you can make your voice heard, even halfway across the world. With DAJ, you can be sure you, your friends, and family are registered to vote.

If you haven’t already, you can get started by clicking the “Join” tab above in the right corner to register for Democrats Abroad.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements of events and news pertaining to DAJ. We have events planned throughout the year, and anyone interested is encouraged to join.

Are you interested in rising up and doing more? Want to volunteer? Join us on Slack- our dedicated activist organization hub. We have several different committees with open positions, and we would love your support on any of them. The committee openings are as follows:

  • Communications Committee – Drafting announcements, working on messaging, promoting our causes on social media sites (FB, Twitter, etc.) and helping to write articles on the DAJ website.
  • Events Committee – Helping to organize and plan nation-wide events.
  • Fundraising Committee – Helping to raise the funds needed to reach more voters and get the election results you want.
  • Outreach Committee – Expand the DAJ membership into new areas and interface with our international network!
  • Get Out The Vote – Directly help Americans abroad get registered to vote and request their absentee ballots. Votes are what count the most.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Executive Committee listed on the right under “DA Japan Leadership.”

Let’s work together to uphold democratic values at home and abroad!

Your DA Japan Committee
[email protected]

DA Japan Leadership:

Sarajean Rossitto
| Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan
Elliott Davis
| Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan
Dave Brauer
| Secretary, Democrats Abroad Japan
Ruth McCreery
| Treasurer, Democrats Abroad Japan
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  • News

    New DAJ Executive Committee Welcome and Upcoming Events

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    Farewell Address - The Tools of Democracy

    Fellow citizens and friends of democracy,

    Thank you so much for your hard work in maintaining American democracy these last two years. As we know in Asia Pacific, this is not something to be taken for granted.

    Moving forward, I ask you to do something I feel very passionately about, but did not spend nearly enough time articulating during my term - and that is to support the tools of democracy. I encourage you to explore decentralized solutions for communication. I encourage you to embrace encryption and your civil liberties wherever possible. The success of democracy is not a particular platform or data point, the success of democracy is when we can have conversations and listen to each other in ways that have not been manipulated by other actors seeking money or power.

    In our increasingly digital world, we must always be conscious of where and how we choose to organize. Is the platform we're organizing on harvesting data? Is it sorting our conversations? Is it open source? Where is its funding coming from? How does it manipulate our messaging? These are all important questions we must always consider and our Executive Committee considered often. I encourage all future political volunteers of any sort to do the same. Words are strong, but where, how, and when you say them will all have a great impact on their meaning.

    Most importantly, never forget to cultivate the most important tool you have - your political imagination. Without the ability to dream and imagine a future we want to live in, we will never be able to articulate the societal goals and what good government can be to our constituents, fellow citizens, family, and friends. Without the ability to colorfully present that future, we will always fail to draw the interest of any particular person or group. Few will be motivated to save the world from Climate Change. Almost everyone will be motivated to breathe cleaner air every morning.  

    For our lives to improve, we must keep our minds open to what is possible. Today, the words of any single person can be more influential than a news network, and money is being minted and valued by people. Let us look towards expanding the power we have as people. Let us let go of pragmatic assumptions, and cultivate groups around messages of change that we want to see.

    I truly thank you all for your support and friendship. Please continue to support democracy, support democratic movements, and the tools of democracy that make those happen. I look forward to seeing what we, the people, can all create together.

    Democracy Lives in Transparency,
    John Andrew Baumlin Jr.
    National Chair & Asia Pacific 2020 Delegate for Bernie Sanders
    Democrats Abroad Japan

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    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, June 24, 2021 at 08:00 PM Tokyo Time · 10 rsvps

    DAJ Townhall - Policy and Organizing - Monthly on 4th Thursday

    We start our term with a Town Hall on June 24th at 8pm. (DETAILS AND RSVP Link below )  This will be a great chance to meet the national and chapter leadership, find out about the different teams in DAJ, and how you can get involved. There will be a chance to talk in small groups.  Bring your ideas to the table, be ready to join a team - Get out the vote, fundraising, events, communications, and more! Be ready to be part of this dynamic group!   

    Through the pandemic and lock-down, the Democrats Abroad Japan has continued the tradition of meeting every 2nd Thursday for our Speakeasy socializing, where we bring our favorite beverages and talk politics, news, or whatever suits.  The new administration is reviving an older tradition of having an action meeting every 4th Thursday.  Please join us and make your voice heard.