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DAJ is the official country committee for Democrats living temporarily or permanently in Japan. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events. We have events planned throughout the year. Anyone interested in joining our events or volunteering is encouraged to get in touch.

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Tom Schmid, ChairDemocrats Abroad Japan

DA Japan Leadership:

John Baumlin
| National Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan
Kiyoko Ayukawa
| National Vice Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan
Anna Costello
| National Secretary, Democrats Abroad Japan
Dave Brauer
| National Treasurer, Democrats Abroad Japan
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    In solidarity with Lights for Liberty campaign

    We invite all Americans in Japan to join us in raising our voices and uniting with people around the world opposing the disgraceful treatment of immigrants by and the cruel immigration policy of the current US administration. It's more important than ever to use your voice to push back against inhumane border policies.


    • July 4-13, Online campaign and calling our Members of Congress
    • July 13 4 pm, In-person action at the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba, Tokyo
    • More information and updates on the Facebook Event page 

    What we know

    Our families immigrated to the United States. We made the United States home to people from every nation, religion, culture, ethnicity and economic class. We may live far away from the United States, but still believe in the American ideals of tolerance, freedom, equality, and opportunity.

    Immigration has always been complicated and mired in political controversy. Today, we have a president whose main concern appears to be stopping families - just like our own - from fleeing poverty and strife and seeking a better life by making the Unites States their home.

    Caging people, mistreating them while in our custody, separating children from their parents, turning away from the sexual abuse at these facilities, and allowing people to die while in our custody are totally unacceptable. More than that – these action fly in the face of American ideals of justice, freedom and due process.

    We may be far away from the United States, but we will join with millions of people all over the globe protesting the inhumane treatment of immigrants held in US custody.

    Make your voice be heard. Together, we can. Together, we must. #CloseTheCamps #DontLookAway

    If you want to hold an action in your area, and want some ideas, please contact us.




    Sarajean, sarajean.daj@gmail.com

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    2019 Kanto Chapter Election Results

    The 2019 Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) is pleased to announce to results of the 2019 Kanto Chapter elections. Votes in the 2019 Kanto Chapter officers election were counted on 6/16 and recorded by the NEC as follows:

    Total ballots cast: 35

    Total ballots: 34 (Completed ballots & confirmed membership)


    • John Helwig - 34 votes, 100% of total valid votes (WINNER)


    • Gwen Catley - 34 votes、100% of total valid votes (WINNER)


    • David Odell - 34 votes, 100% of total valid votes (WINNER)

    Treasurer: (write-in candidates)

    • Matthew Moore - 22 votes, 64.7% of total valid votes (WINNER)
    • David Littleboy 1 vote, 2.94% of total valid votes
    • John Baumlin 1 vote, 2.94% of total valid votes
    • No votes 10, 29.4% of total valid votes

    A warm thank you to everyone who ran as a candidate and voted in this election. The DAJ Kanto Chapter depends on the participation of members like you. Thank you again for your participation. Now on to the heart of what we do -- registering voters and getting out the vote for the 2020 elections!

    Sincerely yours,

    The DAJ 2019 Nominations and Elections Committee

    • Sarajean Rossitto
    • Leslie Anne Rogers
    • Steven Breyak
    • Jenise Treuting
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