Co2nsequences: February 2023 Newsletter


Message from the Chair

February commenced with President Biden's resoundingly successful State of the Union address, during which he highlighted the urgency of the climate crisis and the bold advances of his administration. “The climate crisis doesn’t care if you’re in a red or blue state. It’s an existential threat,” Biden stated. “I’m proud of how America at last is stepping up to the challenge. The Inflation Reduction Act is also the most significant investment ever in climate change — ever,” Biden emphasized. “Lowering utility bills, creating American jobs, leading the world to a clean energy future.”

Since the Inflation Reduction Act was passed in August, companies have announced more than 100,000 new climate-related jobs.  Battery manufacturing, electric vehicle production, and other clean energy facilities are ramping up in key states, and billions of dollars are being allocated to programs to address environmental justice across the U.S. The International Energy Agency  (IEA) recently announced that low-emissions sources will account for nearly all global electricity growth in the next three years. Though this progress certainly underscores the reassuring prospect of a fossil-free future, many hurdles remain unscaled for the energy sector’s total transformation as the country and planet continue to face environmental calamity.

On Feb.3rd, the people of East Palestine, Ohio, suffered immediate and long-term consequences from the Norfolk Southern train derailment, which spewed toxic chemicals such as vinyl chloride into the air and, ultimately, into the groundwater and soil. Much blame for the catastrophe was pointed at roll-backs implemented by the Trump administration in railroad safety regulations. Federal and EPA representatives have assessed the site, and deployed additional resources to the area (see White House fact sheet). The EPA has now ordered Norfolk Southern to clean up and pay for damages. Sadly, railroad executives have sacrificed safety over profits for centuries at great cost to human health and the environment. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is calling on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to reinstate railway safety regulations from the Obama administration and to address the wider implications of these regulations.

We must stay engaged on all fronts to encourage and press our representatives to take decisive action on behalf of the environment and climate. Your voice matters. Your vote matters.  

Dana Freling,

Chair, DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council


Six states have elections scheduled for 2023:




New Jersey



It’s good practice to register every year to vote, so request your absentee ballot today from! For more information about specific races, check 2023 State Voting Information and 2023 Election Dates.     

First up: Wisconsin!  WI will be choosing a state Supreme Court judge in April, and by electing the liberal progressive, the Court majority will flip from 4-3 "conservative" to 4-3 "liberal." (The position is "nonpartisan," so we are not using Party names.)



Welcome to our March Climate Cafe – African Women Entrepreneurs: Green Energy Innovators. In homage to Women's History Month, Tracy Dolan will be our guest to discuss the pivotal role women entrepreneurs in Africa play in the green energy transition.


March Climate Cafe

March 22, 2023,

10:00am ET/ 4:00pm CET





The Emergence of Circular Carbon

by Diana Powers



Climate Change, Heatwaves, and Low-Income Populations: A Deadly Combination

by Elizabeth Clarey


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