Co₂nsequences: ECCC April 2023 Newsletter

Message from the Chair

April is Earth Month: We hope that you’ve spent time cherishing our beautiful planet and committing to some action, big or small, to honor her!

Lots of environmental news headlining for April. Early in the month, delegates came to NYC to attend the first UN water Conference in 50 years. Water is where climate change impact hits first; and three billion people already face food insecurity due to water scarcity. The Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (MEF) also convened this month, with the International Energy Agency (IEA) cautiously optimistic about fossil demands peaking. They showcased a report on credible pathways to 1.5, in contrast to other UN reports released this year. During the MEF, President Biden also pledged over a billion dollars in aligned financial support.

On Tuesday, President Biden announced his bid for re-election, joining two other Democratic candidates in the primary field. Though imperfect (by his own admission), Biden has done more these last two years to mitigate climate change and advance environmental justice than any U.S. President in history.

The President signed an executive order this month, Revitalizing Our Nation’s Commitment to Environmental Justice for All, further embedding environmental justice into the work of federal agencies. Included in this initiative is the publication of the first-ever Environmental Justice Scorecard, the EJ TCTAC program (part of the Federal Interagency Thriving Communities Network), and the Justice40 Initiative, which aims to ensure that 40% of the overall benefits of certain federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities. The Biden-Harris administration is also taking new steps to combat plastic pollution in communities, and they have announced new federal vehicle emissions standards that will accelerate the ongoing transition to a clean vehicle future. To top off Earth Month, the White House announced historic funding to expand access to trees and green spaces in disadvantaged urban communities.

We laud these actions to move the needle on environmental justice across the nation, but it must also ultimately be translated into legislation. To achieve success both domestically and globally, we simply must stop the flow of finance and permits for fossil fuel extraction, one of the biggest causes of the climate crisis.

President Biden has accomplished a lot, but the job is unfinished! The administration is falling short of its goal of a 50-52% emissions reduction by 2030. We still urge the President to declare a National Climate Emergency under the National Emergencies Act, which will build on our historic legislation addressing the climate crisis.  A declaration can unlock key statutory powers to further address this crisis by, for example, reinstating the crude oil export ban and investing further in large-scale climate resiliency and mitigation efforts.

Please sign our petition and press your representatives to take decisive action on behalf of the environment and climate. Your voice matters.  Your vote matters.

Dana Freling 

Chair, DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council

Six states have elections scheduled for 2023:

Kentucky New Jersey Wisconsin
Mississippi Virginia Louisiana

It’s good practice to register every year to vote, so request your absentee ballot today from! For more information about specific races check 2023 State Voting Information and 2023 Election Dates.     

Next up, New Jersey! The 2023 New Jersey General Assembly elections will be held on November 7, 2023 and Primary Elections are on June 6th. New Jersey voters will elect two Assembly members in all of the state's legislative districts for a two-year term to the New Jersey General Assembly. There is a phone banking campaign running now to get folks registered, and we need YOUR help!

April is Earth Month! Please feel free to utilize our resources and take personal or communal action this month (and every month!) to preserve our beautiful planet.

Earth Care Toolkit


Democrats Abroad Climate Emergency Priority Page


ECCC Earth Day 2023

Welcome to our May Climate Café, where we welcome Anders Hove to discuss energy innovations in China and the U.S. that help the world address our climate emergency by transitioning away from carbon-based fuels. The ECCC is delighted to welcome the AAPI Caucus as a co-sponsor of this forum.

May 17, 2023 at 8:00am ET/ 2:00pm CET

China_copy.png RSVP

IPCC’s Survival Guide for Humanity: Facing COP28

By Sam Goodman

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🩺 President Biden Delivers Remarks on Building Healthy Communities and Advance Environmental Justice

🌍 ECCC Earth Day Video 2023

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