Co₂nsequences: ECCC November Newsletter

Co₂nsequences: ECCC November Newsletter


Dana --

Message from the Chair

November has been a month of hope, success, and disappointment, both with the U.S. midterms and the results of COP27. It is also the month of thanksgiving, so we give thanks to all of you and the progress we have made.

In the U.S. midterms, Democrats have retained and may even grow the majority in the Senate next month with the Georgia run-off. Democrats have also defied historical trends by only narrowly losing the house, but there will be consequences. Republican leadership has already signaled the elimination of the climate crisis committee. U.S. support of the Loss and Damage Fund at COP27 and the adaption of language to phase down fossil fuels will certainly be political dynamite, as well, for the Biden administration in the hands of a Republican House.

Regionally, there are points of light. Republicans in historically conservative states that once resisted the clean-energy movement are now competing for these factories. Voters across New York state approved a $4.2 billion environmental bond measure in the midterms to bolster climate mitigation and land preservation projects. And a number of states have newly elected trifecta Democratic leadership ready to support environmental justice initiatives and forge our transition to a zero carbon economy.

On a global level, negotiations at COP27 in Egypt ended with a historic deal that resets the relationship between rich and poor countries by establishing a fund for “loss and damage”.  U.S. and EU negotiators stepped up heroically in a last-minute, overtime deal. Nonetheless, on measures to phase down oil and gas and increase funding for adaptation, COP27 delivered little progress. The world's path leads to upwards of 1.5C warming, a critical threshold for avoiding catastrophic climate disruptions. Sam Goodman, reporting from Egypt, has graciously submitted an overview in this month’s featured article, ‘COP27: 1.5 is Dead, and the Fund is Alive’.

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres concluded the conference with, ”Our planet is still in the emergency room. We need to drastically reduce emissions now – and this is an issue this COP did not address. A fund for loss and damage is essential – but it’s not an answer if the climate crisis washes a small island state off the map – or turns an entire African country to desert.” Democrats and the Biden administration have made a small step forward in this mission, but we must join hands to save this planet together.

Dana Freling - Chair, Environment & Climate Crisis Council


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COP27: 1.5 is Dead, and the Fund is Alive by Sam Goodman - A Kentucky voter living in Costa Rica.

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