April 18, 2022

DAJ 2022 Bylaws Ballot Link

Subject: DAJ Bylaw Amendments Ballot

The 2022 Bylaws Committee was formed in response to recent vacancies in the National
Executive Committee, as the circumstances under which our National Secretary and National
Treasurer can be appointed are currently in conflict with the Global Democrats Abroad
Charter (the “state” party that represents us in the Democratic Party). The Bylaws
Committee has directly drafted and recommended specific proposals to remedy this and
other common organizational issues. After discussion with members who participated in the
AGM, we heard all concerns to make sure that we had consensus on the final language. The
results are the attached ballot, and we hope for a high turnout.
As a reminder, we must meet a quorum of votes in order to make even minor revisions to
our Bylaws, so please return your bylaws ballots so we can take care of these important
issues! What follows is a description of the proposed changes, our reasoning for each if
necessary, and some thoughts for future officers and volunteers.

Download your Ballot HERE: