As a reminder, we must meet a basic quorum of votes in order to make revisions to
our Bylaws, so please return your bylaws ballot as soon as possible so we can take care of these important issues!
Voting closes on Tuesday, May 10th, at 23:59 JST. All ballots must be received by this time.
If submitting by mail, it is recommended that you submit your ballot immediately in order to ensure it will be received and counted.
As a reminder, to vote in this election, you must be an American citizen, 18 years of age or older, a member of Democrats Abroad Japan, and a resident of Japan.
Ballots can be returned in one of three ways of your choice:
1) Fill out the ballot electronically and attach it in an email to [email protected]
2) Print the ballot, fill it out, scan or take a photo, and attach it in an email to
3) Send in your ballot via postal mail. To ask for the mailing address, please email
The Bylaws Committee Members are:
Leslie Anne Rogers (Committee Chair)
Raymond Terhune (Committee Vice Chair)
Max Sternberg (National Counsel)
John Baumlin
Regina Salathe