December 11, 2022

Student Loan Debt Relief update by Asia Pacific DNC representative John Baumlin

While election season has been a hard fought effort, we can't forget those fighting for real tangible change everyday. When the Student Loan Debt relief application opened, it wasn't available to everyday overseas Americans. Democrats Abroad Japan leapt into action. Our members made certain that the form would be available to everyone overseas, despite them initially being blocked by an outdated security feature blocking overseas IP addresses. Through a successful security analysis accepted by the Department of Education's experts, our effort - entirely by Democrats Abroad - opened up the form to millions of citizens overseas, right in the midst of while elections were happening during a key time people needed help. Even with political interests on the line, the Democratic Party was working to make this happen.


While courts have temporarily blocked the application, we can be certain that it will be available to everyone following a successful ruling. This is why our executives and judicial appointments we will make following the successful re-capture of the Senate matters so much. If you want to keep tabs for when the form opens, check Top News from the Department and subscribe here:


A one-time plan will make a huge difference in the lives and families for millions, but millions more will still be saddled with debt throughout the fallout to the economy following the Covid Pandemic. President Biden and Secretary Cardona have extended the pause on repayment, but we are about continued action. Let's continue to advocate for extended pause through cancellation so we can help as many people as we can, and make it clear to our legislators this will not end here and will continued to be addressed for the financial health of the next generation of Americans.


This is another big win for Democrats Abroad, to have the executive branch adjust action on our direct advocacy to help normal everyday people to help those with student loan relief. This is what it means to keep democracy running well for everyone. More details are available here about the current plans:

Copy of the letter Democrats Abroad sent to the Department of Education and Financial Student Aid about the Federal Student Loan Relief application form being inaccessible for Americans Abroad.