One Year Out – Contribute to the DA Germany Stimulus Package


The one-year countdown to the 2020 elections has begun, and Democrats Abroad Germany will play a crucial role in electing Democrats at every level of government. Did you know that in the 2016 election only 7% of Americans living abroad cast their ballots? Reaching the other 93% of voters is our main goal for the coming year, and we need your help to make this happen!

That’s why we are asking you to join us as we undertake the largest voter mobilization effort in our history. Reaching out to potential voters through personal contact and advertisements requires both volunteers and the necessary funds. We hope that you can help us with one or both of these areas.

For example, if each of the 10,000 members of DA Germany donated just 1 Euro, we could run a 15-second advertisement prior to English language blockbusters at major theaters nationwide, reaching thousands of potential voters. 

If each member donated 2 Euros, we could advertise on social media platforms, in print publications, and run movie theater ads. 

For 3 Euros each, we could also ramp up our in-person presence at local street festivals and have printed materials to distribute to fellow Americans. 

We also need volunteers to reach our goal of mobilizing voters. In-person interactions are crucial to reaching Americans living in Germany. Phonebanking, voter registration drives, postcard writing, tech support, organizing outreach events, providing voter assistance, and so much more can only happen with the help of volunteers. The more people involved in these efforts, the greater the impact we can have. 

Given the urgency of this election and the enormous potential to reach overseas voters, please join our team by:

  • letting us know how you’d like to volunteer, either by taking this survey or responding directly to this email
  • making a one-time or recurring donation to DA Germany by creating a Dauerauftrag (bank info below) 

In fact, if you donate €20.20, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind Democrats Abroad t-shirt to wear with pride at marches and other events. A contribution of €50 or more will get you a winter-ready, limited edition DA hooded sweatshirt. All merchandise is available via this order form.


With many elections hinging on the slimmest of margins, the voters we will reach with your help will impact the outcomes for Democrats at all levels across the United States. The road to winning nationwide runs through Democrats Abroad - we are the margin of victory! 

On behalf of Democrats Abroad Germany, I thank you for your support and involvement. We are truly stronger together! 

Democratically yours,

Candice Kerestan

Chair, Democrats Abroad Germany

P.S. We invite you to join us at the DA Germany Annual Meeting in Munich on January 24-26. This will be a critical time for our Get out the Vote effort, and we need all hands on deck! More information and registration here.

Donation information:

Account name: Democrats Abroad Germany

IBAN: DE04 5405 0220 0140 2702 99