March 15, 2020

DEMOCRATS ABROAD TORONTO - February 25, 2020 AGM - Minutes

Annual General Meeting - February 25, 2020

Board Meeting Minutes – Draft

Attendance: Danielle Stampley, Karin Lippert, Mari Rutka, Virginia Smith, Brooke Scott, Stephanie Perry, Steve Nardi, Liam Keating, Kaitlyn Min, Yusuf Nakhooda, Mandy Moore, Carey Singer, Joann Sochor, Paulette Kelly, Jeanette McCabe, Reg Charney, Diana English, Tim Ellis, Tomas Bribriesco, Liz Olin, Dawn Lambert

Meeting called to order by Danielle at 6:05 p.m. Danielle asks folks to review 2019 AGM minutes. Steve reminds us that only those at the previous meeting can vote to approve.

Approval of the Agenda: 

Danielle asks to add discussion of Global Convention under other business. Mari moves approval, Karin seconds. Approved.

Vote for Co-Vice Chair: 

On-line ballot and paper ballot process closed as of Feb. 25th. Some paper ballots passed out at meeting to those who didn't vote. Mari held the ballots until Reg could take them and tally them at the end of the meeting.

Minutes and Business Arising from the Minutes:

Approval of March 17, 2019 AGM Minutes

Danielle asks for additions or corrections. None suggested. Stephanie moves approval of the minutes, Virginia seconds. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: tabled for later in the meeting (see below).

Report on 2019 Events:

Karin speaks to events done last year, which included:

  • Toronto Women's March in January, 2019
  • Women's Caucus Movie Night
  • US Tax Seminars
  • Panel with Donna Brazile and Leah Daughtry
  • Rally to Release the Mueller Report
  • Women's Caucus Potluck at Mari Rutka's Home
  • Women's Caucus at Second City Toronto 
  • Global Climate Strike Rally at Queen's Park
  • Lights for Liberty Rally to Keep Families Together
  • Meet & Greet with Julia Bryan
  • "No One is Above the Law" Rally
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Debate Watches

Karin reminds us to check our e-mails for upcoming events. Copy of list to be attached to minutes.

Future Scheduled Events:

GPP Voting Center, March 3, 7 & 8

Danielle speaks to the excitement of coming events. We have a debate watch after the AGM. She explains about the global presidential primary voting centers. Can vote on-line, but can also come to a voting center. There will be 4 centers. On March 3rd, one at East of Brunswick pub, one at Square One. She asks everyone to volunteer, especially in Mississauga. One on 7th at East of Brunswick and one in Mississauga on the 8th. Democrats Abroad get 21 delegates to the Democratic National Convention.  They are allocated according to percentage of votes for those candidates getting over 15% of votes.  Have gotten many new members over the past few months.

Global Convention for Democrats Abroad, May 15-17

In May, there will be up to 300 people from chapters all around the world in Toronto for the Global Convention.  This is where delegates will be elected. The more voters in the Canada in the GPP, the more delegates Canada could send.  There will be training as well on get out the vote activities at the convention. Toronto was chosen because of proximity to the US. Some folks may come up from the DNC and possibly even candidates.  Details on how to become a delegate are online.  

Liam says he gets questions he can’t answer. Steve points him to [email protected]

We will be using Zoom for remote access to the convention. Steve says we’re all welcome to attend. A call-out went out for volunteers and home stays. There are dorm rooms at Univ. of Toronto and rooms at the Chelsea. Contact Danielle if you want more information on this.

Pride, June 26-28 

This is one of the largest community outreach opportunities. There are a lot of Americans that attend. We have a booth on Church Street. Hoping to march in the parade this year. Would like to get 100 people to march. Danielle gives examples of elections in Florida and Kentucky where the number of Democrats Abroad can make a difference in election outcomes.

There will also be other events to help get out the vote. Intend to set up on campuses. Would like to set up in Guelph because there are lots of Americans at the school because of their veterinary program. Liam says he’s met someone at Guelph who is interested. Steve says we need to connect them to local chapter. Danielle says please speak to her if you are interested in helping organize get out the vote events.

Danielle explains that most Democrats Abroad Toronto meetings are the second Tuesday of each month and everyone is welcome to come and help out.

Announcement of Election Results:

Reg says there were 76 votes for chapter co-vice chair.

Tim Ellis wins with 39 votes.

Carey Singer 28

David Green 9

No spoiled ballots.

Danielle thanks all who participated.

Treasurer’s Report (held from earlier):

Reg reports to the fiscal year end which is Dec. 31, 2019.

Reg submits details, which will be attached to the minutes for the AGM.

Motion to approve the report by Dianna, seconded by Danielle. Approved.

Next Meeting: 

Future scheduled Board meetings:

  • March 10, 2020
  • April 14, 2020
  • May 12, 2020
  • June 9, 2020
  • July 7, 2020

Adjournment moved by Mari at 6:46 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mari Rutka