Democrats Abroad is holding its 2019 Global Meeting from May 17-19 in Washington, D.C. We will discuss charter amendments and resolutions; run training sessions with local experts and Democrats Abroad field volunteers; and hold our biennial DPCA executive committee elections. In addition, there will be regional meetings to elect Regional Vice Chairs and conduct other business.

The agenda includes talks with Democratic Party leaders, both elected officials and members of the Democratic National Committee.

Following the meetings, on May 20-21, we will hold our Democrats Abroad "door-knock" with meetings with Representatives and Senators as well as relevant US federal government agencies.

DAY 1:

After the call to order, we had the pleasure of welcoming Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), who is also running to be our 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.  Senator Gillibrand shared her inspirational views on healthcare, the Green New Deal and how to effect change in our government.

Guest speakers also included Alabama Senator Doug Jones, who addressed the anti-abortion bill recently signed into law in his home state.  According to Senator Jones, "This extreme anti-abortion bill that is happening in the Alabama legislature is not a product of the will of the people, but a product of gerrymandering. I do not believe this bill reflects where the majority of people are at in Alabama. But this is a big part of the fight for Democrats going forward. I do believe there is more that unites us than divides us across America. We need to look for more opportunities to get us all moving in the right direction, and we need your help from Democrats Abroad."

DA Finland was admitted as an official Country Committee, Resolutions were voted on and guest speakers Frank Leone and Jeffrey Weaver presented a video from Senator Bernie Sanders (VT), who is also running to lead the Democratic ticket in 2020.  We topped off a busy day with a gala reception and dinner.  Special guest DNC CEO, Seema Nanda, spoke on the subject of cyber-security for the upcoming elections.

Attending from DA France: Chair - Ada Shen, Vice Chair - Meredith Wheeler, Vice Chair (Paris Chapter) - Meagan Lopez, DNC member and co-chair DA France Women's Caucus- Connie Borde, Voting Representative - Alex Rehbinder, Former Chair - Joe Smallhoover, Former Executive Vice Chair - Salli Swartz, Member - Kaitlin Marie Hickey

Watch this space for news of DAY 2!