ERA Status

In 1973, the ERA was sent to a subcommittee in the Georgia legislature rather than taken to a vote.  It was defeated several times in the 1970’s. In 1980, the Georgia Senate defeated the ERA 32 to 23.  In 1982, the Georgia House defeated the ERA 116 to 57.  Despite these unsuccessful attempts to ratify, a 1981 League of Women’s Voters poll showed that 73% of voters in central Georgia were in favor of the ERA.

1/29/2019 - ERA bill SR55 was submitted by Senator Orrock (D)

1/29/2019 - ERA bill SR66 was submitted by Senator Unterman (R)

3/7/2019 - ERA bills failed to get out of committee

3/7/2019 - ERA dead for 2019

There is hope going forward as record numbers of women were elected to both chambers in 2018 (15 of 56 senators and 57 of 180 representatives).  Nearly all women co-sponsored one or both bills as well as 11 men, 6 Democrats and 5 Republicans.  Some Republican co-sponsors dropped off in the last weeks after opposition from religious and anti-abortion groups. 

2020 State Legislature Session Dates

January 13 through April 3 with the cross-over TBD. Crossover day is the date by when a bill has to pass one chamber and move to the next for it to still be considered for a vote.

What You Can Do

1) Contact your state senator expressing your disappointment that the ERA was not ratified this session and ask her/him to co-sponsor or introduce an ERA bill in 2020. 

You can find the list of state legislature members along with their email, address and phone number here.

2) Contact your state U.S. Senators to co-sponsor the bill (S.J.Res. 6) to eliminate the deadline for the ERA or thank them if they already are

3) Contact your state U.S. Representative to co-sponsor the bill (H.J.Res. 79) to eliminate the deadline for the ERA or thank them if they already are

There are several other campaigns initiated by Democrats Abroad.   You can find the list and details here.

Georgia ERA Groups

These are organizations that have emails about state ERA activities.

Equal Means Equal

Ratify ERA Georgia

Articles about ERA in Georgia

Click here for a list of current articles about ERA.

DA ERA project coordinator

Katie Solon of Germany is the DA ERA coordinator for Georgia.    If you are interested in helping or have questions, you can contact her at